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    3.0 TDI soot smell

    Yeah I'm aware that it all has a purpose so it meets regulations but is there a way to hide the smell? Probably no but asking doesn't hurt. Since the exhaust fumes don't re-burn is it possible that the soot is now accumulating in DPF and exhaust pipe? I guess in order to clean that whole thing...
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    3.0 TDI soot smell

    Hello. So about 6 months ago I chip tuned my b8 (CAPA). I've done all the classical things. EGR, DPF, swirl flaps delete and gutted the muffler. When I've been preparing the car I've also cleaned the intake manifold and there was some soot accumulated which I removed. The problem I have is that...
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    Help Please MPG decreased after remap (3.0 TDI - CCWA)

    After my remap the consumption increased a bit but that was because I was more aggressive with the new HP gain (shy les of 300HP). Mine in 3.0 CAPA and the average is 7.46l/100km. I drive fast and overtake a lot. If you consider the engine displacement, power and vheicle weight then 7.5 isn't...
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    RPM jump when driving off in 1st and when shifting

    By that you mean that TB is getting stuck? I have it disabled on mine so it is fully open all the time. I'll make a video just to show what exactly is the problem.
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    Dipstick - to check engine oil level

    I've got one from ebay. Mine is a 3.0 so that is different from yours, but I'm sure there is an option that will fit.
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    Prodigium's build

    Fixed the AC. It was about thine though. It is getting hot. Turned out that the AC compressor failed and needed to be replaced. Quite a tight fit to get it out of there but managed to do it.
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    Help Please 3.0 TDI CAPA how to help needed!

    Or you can just disable it. As far as I know the function of that TB is to close when the engine is being turned off so it does that smoothly. you know some people are delicate and wouldn't want to buy a new car that turns off violently. I have it disabled on mine and I have no issues. The only...
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    RPM jump when driving off in 1st and when shifting

    Hi. So I'm dealing with this so called feature that automatically rises rpms a bit when taking off in first or when changing gears while driving. This happens when the clutch is realeased with little or no throttle and the electronics prevent the engine to stall. To me this feature is annoying...
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    Prodigium's build

    Few months later and I'm getting some progress on AC. First we refilled the system since it was low on gas. Then the pressure sensor started leaking so I replaced that. The AC should be working by now and the AC light stays on after pressed but there is still no cold air. Compressor gets correct...
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    Charging battery not in use

    Smart thinking. I bet there will be a LOT of people buying new batteries when this ends and those start-stop batteries on new cars can get really pricey really fast.
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    Such as a shame

    A tiny bit of judder is okish. It's the dual mass clutch doing its best to compensate the engine output. It will eventually get worse as the clutch wears and springs deform. On my old B6 the clucth started slipping at 270k km and the judder became really strong. Taking off was awful. Replacement...
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    Prodigium's build

    And there is even a video of it. It isn't loud. I was a bit disappointed on that. Come on its a 3.0 V6 and it stays quiet like it is shy or something.
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    What did you do to your audi today

    Are you able to record with it?
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    Prodigium's build

    Finished both mufflers and mounted it back on the car. The next day I limped to the dyno and sorted things out. Few hours later I returned home with a shy less of a 300HP and 643Nm. Its a nice ride :) There is a bit of smoke once it passes 3k rpm and that's because the turbo has 240 km on it...