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    4 x Forged R8 Wheels for sale for RS3 Saloon

    My RS3 saloon is up for sale so I am offering my wheels here before putting them on eBay. They are 4 x R8 V10 front wheels 19 x 8.5J ET42, P/N 420601025BD/BB/BF .They are very rare, forged and much lighter than the stock wheels and cost me as follows: 4 wheels sourced individually over a...
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    RS3 Saloon with Forged R8 Wheels Pics

    Yep, the only resolution although I like to use cruise control so it can be a PITA.
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    RS3 Saloon with Forged R8 Wheels Pics

    Just over 9kg each
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    Sportback Traction control

    It is not tyres nor is it the staggered setup even though some tyres can make the issue slightly worse. However, the root cause is not tyres. I have had this issue from new on staggered PZeros, square 235 and square 255 PSS4S. From another thread I commented on: "I am 99.9% convinced the...
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    RS3 Saloon with Forged R8 Wheels Pics

    I have EXACTLY the same TC issues now that I had with the staggered PZeros. Hesitating out of junctions, pulling back the power until all 4 wheels hook up etc. It is also the same with my 235 square winter tyre setup. The issue is not tyres even though there are reports of such with PSS's. I...
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    RS3 Saloon with Forged R8 Wheels Pics

    After 6 months of searching for 4 individual front wheels from an Audi R8 I finally got around to having them refinished and fitted. 4 x 19 x 8,5J ET42 with PSS4S 255/30/19 Square Costs: Approx. £1350 for the wheels £300 refinishing £200 4 x new TPMS £840 4 x PSS4S Also included a pic of...
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    Dead P-Zero’s

    I'm sure I read somewhere that Audi went with aggressive geometry on the FL cars to make them turn in sharper and feel more agile that the PFL. The downside of this is excessive uneven tyre wear.
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    Facelift Winter wheel suggestions

    Which offset did you get? Ldprestige will only recommend 19 x 8.5 ET35 when the stock offset is ET46 for an 8.5J wheel on the saloon. I would have thought the ET45 option would fit better but they won't supply it.?
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    Wheel part number help

    Hi, the following are wheels codes from an R8 front wheel. Does anyone know the difference? The end letters might be related paint finish but just need to ensure they are essentially the same wheels. 420601025B 420601025H 420601025BB 420601025BD Thanks
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    PFL gearbox clunks in traffic

    Does this update apply to FL cars?
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    100 mile engine run in and stock dyno run

    I am using the car to test a series of different fuel and oil technologies. Before I can do that I needed a baseline. Just over 1700 miles on the engine now and first run results below using Shell V-Power. This engine was run- in within the first 100 miles from new. This was achieved with...
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    Slight miss in 1st gear Dynamic

    I am 95% certain the issue is due to a little slack or lag in the AWD system. The TC system is detecting a little slip before power is distributed to the correct wheels. Most likely a downside of a Haldex setup. Never had the problem with torsen AWD Audi's.
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    My car is 24 days old and encountered rain for the first time today.....and the wipers judder. Couldn't believe it.
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    Facelift RS3 vs Golf R vs BMW m140i

    I may take it into Audi then. Mine does it every time my left leg touches it. Makes right hand turns/bends very annoying. Will take a video if I get the chance.