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    Genuine Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

    Thanks a lot much appreciated..!!
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    Genuine Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

    Hi there Yes I’m in agreement with you as I can’t really see that much difference tbh… I would be most grateful if you could help me help out once again.. In confirmation of fitment thanks..!!
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    Genuine Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

    Aah ok thanks Guys.. My mistake didn’t realise the 8Y was code DNWC.. Perhaps a trip to dealership to find out for sure.. The covers look pretty much the same for both its just if the pegs underneath are the same..,??
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    Genuine Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

    Hi there.. Enquiring is the above Carbon fibre engine cover 07K 1039 25H compatible with both DAZA 2017 & new DNWA 2022 engines please.? Reason being, if I trade in my facelift 2017 to 8Y 2022 I can transfer the carbon fibre engine cover.. Thanks in advance..
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    Floor mats(not RS pack)

    Hi have sent you PM just now.. Hope this helps.?
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    Front brake disc weight and performance

    Say… What’s your view on the above for PFL..??
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    Facelift Dent Removal Recommendations

    Hi there I only have heard of a few places, & I have no affiliation with any of these companies. 1. Dent Devils they are a franchise and are national. 2.Sleek Lines ( independent) Lightwater area of Junction 3 on the M3. 3. Harvi ( independent) Welling Kent and apparently does mobile work...
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    Space saver wheel.

    When I looked into this some time ago I couldn’t find any space saver wheel that would clear the front brake calliper. I appreciate it’s only for emergency/ short duration..... But does state in handbook about having same size tyres and tread pattern for the Haldex system to function correctly...
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    Facelift Servicing & Additional Work Schedule

    Kinda strange there is no mention of changing the S-Tronic filter on the RS3 (not the internal one) but the accessible filter on top of the gearbox part no: 0BH 325 173B..?
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    Red vents grey stitching

    Similar to this
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    Red stitching?????

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    2015 RS3 Rear Camera retrofit - Whats involved

    Hmmm..... From what I understand there is 2 cameras available PFL & FL.. Although as I said you could use the Facelift camera but... It has different connections as there is no control module as it’s built into the camera.. I purchased PFL Camera 8V0 827 566 paid £130 2 years ago.. If you...