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    1.6 - Awful MPG

    Do the tank challenge mate..see wot you can get out of a full tank I got to 405 miles before I topped her up again (1,6 2001), said i still had 10 miles in the tank too!! admittedley near enuff all that was motorway miles, be interesting to see what I would get from town driving..
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    feel for you ma man, as all have said, glad ur all ok, makes you appreciate what you got!! just a point to be made, since being on this forum near enuff once a week sumone is involved in some kind of accident and this is the worse injuries ive come across sustained by one of our users!! mind...
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    Where would I get one of these...

    if you do go to the stealers, let us know what they interested to find out..
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    Brake pads warning light?

    I went thru this dilemma tuffty is right, that shud clear it off ur dash.
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    High octane fuel

    Working for one of the 'big 5' (shell/bp/esso/total/texaco) I can tell you that this is true.. they load base product and their own additives are normally injected when loaded on the truck. The same with their super..
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    welcome bud, looks tidy put a lick of tyre shine on your shoes though!! LOL!
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    What's your average mpg on town driving?

    jojo that evans vs drogba streetfighter KO is this ur own doing? would like to forward this onto a devout chelsea fan if it a photobucket link?? can u provide a link??
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    What's your average mpg on town driving?

    town drivin....bout 25/30 mpg on the motorway 32/40mpg....thats wiv a 1.6...though I doubt anyone is interested LOL!!
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    Audi S3 Dash lights issue

    realy?? my grandad just use to say 'If you dont stop playin next to the green house il cut ur legs off' which doesnt realy hold much relevance to the topic I know..:shutup2:
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    Welcome Pdazzle Piccies?
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    ive owned my 1.6 now for nearly six months and gotta say, it aint been plain sailing either bud!! ive had five different warning lights on my dash appear, 3 of which all appeared at the same time! EPC light ESP light Airbag light Brake discs/pads wearing thin...light (though the pads are...
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    The little c***s stole my chrome wing mirrors!

    fishin...or spanking some nasty swindon trogladite.. the type of bird that has kankles.. has it got some kind of security measure? some special key to undo it or something? but yeh il look into that fella, nice one:search:
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    The little c***s stole my chrome wing mirrors!

    not near as bad as whats happened to you guys... but I parked in swindon for 15 minutes 2 weeks ago, someone took my ****** aeriel, and thats ur bog standard job...the world is turning an ugly place it seems.. If I had a hammer..
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    I LOVE MY CAR!!!!

    lol....reluctantly you just drew a vivid picture in my mind... but that post does give us an insight into why u love ur car...ur thread topic now has even more relevance.. enjoi
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    I LOVE MY CAR!!!!

    80mph= 3900 on the revs the same as urs...or near enuff. after dry humping my car last night I found the blood still wasnt rushing... still a sewing machine unfortunatly...