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    Ultimate Dubs

    Hey folks UD is this weekend. Anyone from Scotland heading down?
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    SEAT Cupra + Audi S3

    good work
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    Leather re-trim advice?

    any pics of the retrim? which trimmer did you use?
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    2013 shows

    no one?
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    S3 sideskirts

    Cheers buddy
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    S3 sideskirts

    Looking for a bit of help. Going to order s3 side skirts for my my11 a3 but just want to check that i have all the parts required. Ive tried a quick search but couldn't get a definitive list of parts. 8P3 853,859 GRU >> side skirt 8P3 853,860 GRU >> side skirt 8P3 853,959 G GRU >> cover...
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    2013 shows

    Just wondering if anyone from up here is heading down to any of the shows down south like early edition or ultimate dubs?
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    my ibis white s3>>> 2007 facelift to 2011 spec - Now With New Pics.

    Good work mate. Get some pics up with the helios on..
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    What do you use to keep your audi clean?

    2 bucket method as mentioned with a wash mitt and Kleen Freaks stuff is really good. Used their shampoo and wax and was really pleased with the results..
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    This cracked me up "Audi Ibis white with black roof , the car sells itself just look at it" I wonder what car he's looking at??
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    What I've been upto! LOTS of pics!

    looking forward to seeing these fitted n8
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    Whats your real name.

    My real name's scott but got the nickname pod
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    Original Audi number plate LED's that fit the A3 8P - plug & play!

    Cheers mark. Ill order a set and drop you a pm to sort somethin out.
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    Original Audi number plate LED's that fit the A3 8P - plug & play!

    unfortunately don't have access to VCDS. Might just order a set and see how i get on.