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    I have an iPad which I love but whatever you do, don't sell a laptop to get a tablet. There are still some things done much better on a laptop.
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    Black Edition

    I have a delivery planned week commencing 13/6/11. Have to say the excitement has long gone!
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    iPad 2 - Worth upgrading?

    No point in upgrading, difference is minimal, and who is hampered by the processing speed of the 1st gen? Apple allegedly rushed the iPad 2 out in order to compete with other tablets now going on sale, therefore no real added value if you own an iPad already. Big changes are coming with the...
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    Recoend me an ipod docking stand

    I have a Sony one which when bought was around £250 but have since seen it for around £180. Reason I bought it was because it has a big rechargeable battery in it so is proper portable. Battery lasts around 7 hours so great to pick up and take outside for bbqs etc. Sound is good quality...
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    Black Edition

    So, it's been some time since I visited the forums. I expect many people are in the same boat as me, but my delivery has been delayed from April to June because they can't get the tyres. Back in January I changed my order, because the car had not been built - went from Phantom Black to Ibis...
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    Black Edition

    I see that my spec is no longer available on the online car configurator. I know this isn't the best tool in the world, but to my knowledge it lists all available vehicles. Am I having a mad moment or have Audi reined in the number of A3 specs available?
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    Black Edition

    ouch, that's not good. But I suspect someone has not been managing your expectations as I ordered mine in August and was always given an expected delivery date between late March and mid April. Your "new" expected delivery date is more in line with lead times most of us are experiencing, so...
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    Black Edition

    They're not called "dealers" for nothing - their products are highly addictive, cost lots of money and not the type of people you'd care to have a social drink with!
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    Tinie Tempah

    Going to see him in Norwich on Monday, hope he'll put up a good show...
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    Black Edition

    Stratts is 100% correct, I am happy to say. My lease company have just confirmed that my car will come with Bluetooth as standard.
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    Black Edition

    Don't know if your post is a statement or a question, but I have called our lease company and asked if bluetooth will be on my car which was ordered on 11th August. I suspect not, but there's no harm in asking.
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    Hands free or headsets that work with iphone 3gs??

    I use a Parrot, one of the old ones that looks like a one-line LED strip which works perfectly with my iPhone 3GS. Just picked up a loan A3 Sportback 2.0 petrol turbo today, which I'll use until my new car is delivered and it has a Bury hands-free kit. This seems to work very well too, a...
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    i phone apps, whats your favourite's?

    Battery Doctor - gets the most out of your battery life Appzilla - handy tool for spirit level, public holidays, hearing test all and the other useless rubbish Twitter LEDit - send rude messages across a busy bar to your friends or random women Moonpig - have family in Spain, so no excuse for...
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    Black Edition

    Thanks, would have loved to go for the S3 but my company car scheme held me back. Good job, given the tax I would end up paying!
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    Black Edition

    Hi All Been lurking around for a few days and decided to join the forum. Already seen a load of hints and tips ready for my new arrival early next year (see sig). I'll be borrowing a 200PS 2.0 petrol turbo as of tomorrow, until my new car arrives. Have come from a BMW 320i so I'm all too...