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    Help required with 2007 S3 Air Con / what am i missing here ?

    Okay from the start what was your issue and who diagnosed the problem? From the list you've given you make no mention of checking hoses, belts, filter and all connections. Aircon is a complicated beast so I leave mine to the experts. You need the right equipment to regas properly in my opinion.
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    Oil cap removed = Increase rev?

    Yep. One way to tell if the PCV is gone is to remove oil cap and the revs will increase. We had no issues with power or rough idle only that sometimes when in town traffic the revs would increase without pressing the accelerator. Your PCV isn't working as it should and a new one should also help...
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    Oil cap removed = Increase rev?

    You need a new PCV as discussed here. It will only get worse.
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    no rear cupholders, can one be fitted?

    On my S3 they are in the rear arm rest. I think when you fold it down it can then be popped out of the front. Mine is a sportback with the through load as well.
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    Car colour question

    Only seen it in a brochure as an S3 colour. As other have said it's possible someone spent a silly amount of money specifying that colour as an option under the audi exclusive. They are out there although this one is not a diesel...
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    Rotor alloy corrosion.

    If you want new then is your best bet. These wheels for some reason are hard to come by. Wish I'd bought all the stock when these were being sold on ebay at less than £400 for a set of 4 via one of the VW Audi overstock specialists. :astonished:
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    which car to buy! 2010 15,000 miles or 2012 46,000 miles ???

    2012. Stuff usually starts going wrong on older cars irrespective of mileage.
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    Clunk followed by power loss

    Is the car in limp mode then? It's not clear when you say 'eased off for a while tried again and nothing' - tried what? Pure guesswork without VCDS so mine would be turbo has gone.
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    sudden loss of fm reception on rnse oem fitted.

    If its OEM does it have the shark fin aerial on the roof? I'm not sure if there is an FM antenna booster behind the head unit - that would be my first port of call as you say the MW and LW are okay. I'd then check the diversity unit which I think is underneath the shark antenna inside the car...
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    Engine cover does not go on properly no matter what you do!

    Assuming its the one thats always been on the car take it off carefully. Pulling at the back corners first. Then pull the middle on each side (don't pull or push the front all black bit as this is the most fragile. Remove any rubbers that are still on the four mounts on the car and put them onto...
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    Which S3

    Buy the best you can afford. Set a budget and hunt high and low for your spec. Personally, I prefer the facelift and the DRL's for me make it look 'current' even though it's not!
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    Replace PVC?

    Just replaced ours after some guidance on here. Our S3 was suffering from increase in revs on idle and a high pitched whining which I had thought was one of the fans. Boths issues solved on replacement. Easy to do although the part is around £40. Don't bother with the gasket which is over £20 as...
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    Rear side of car has collapsed?

    My money is still on either the spring or the shock absorber in that order. You need to get it up on a ramp to check the springs/shockers properly.
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    Not had the problem but, it appears quite common. I'm not sure if your year of car has a relay in the hazard switch which can be an issue. Or it could be the contacts on the stalk shorting. If I were you I'd do it in order of cost. Dismantle stalk and spray with electrical contact spray. Then...
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    2008 Audi S3 indicators and wipers not working, also clicking noise from steering.

    Sounds like the steering control module could be the culprit if you haven't done any work on the car. Does the rear wiper work? Does the horn work? As NHN states above the best bet is to get the car scanned to see what fault codes are thrown up.