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    Alternator pulley - dodgy new part?

    Hi all, Just got a new alternator pulley I'm about to fit. When I rotate the pulley (whilst holding the centre) it seems quite hard to turn by hand, but it does turn. It locks as normal when I rotate the other way. Is this resistance normal as I was expecting it to freewheel much better...
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    Alternator pulley replacement help

    Tufty, thanks. What is the tool that goes through the centre of the multi point adapter? Is it a second part of the 'special tool' or just an allen/torq do you know. Isn't very clear....
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    Alternator pulley replacement help

    Hi Guys, My alternator pulley is making a squealing noise at around 3000rpm and doesn't free wheel very smoothly in one direction. Clutch still engages well in other direction but i want to replace it.., - Does the alternator need to be removed to take the pulley off and how do you stop the...
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    Engine mount help

    Half way through a timing belt change an noticed my engine mount is leaking fluid. ecp sell Hutchinson or ocap mounts, either of these similar to oem quality? Or any advice which ones to buy to keep oe quality?
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    F1 autocentre just put my s3 through a 2wd brake tester

    Guys, thoughts and advice please. F1 autocentre just MOT'd my car and started the 2 wheel drive powered brake tester rollers on the back end of the car. I was watching because I don't have much faith in garages and ran out to stop him, back wheels were rotating for about 30 seconds with the...
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    Clutch change advice....leaking fluid.

    Oh yes they look dodgy, thanks. Purchased from ECP for £366 with a £65 saving, thanks again. If you split the transfer box from the gearbox do you need to drain the oil first...the guide skips this bit...
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    Clutch change advice....leaking fluid.

    My clutch slave cylinder has finally given up after 16 years (12 years of my ownership) and I have found brake fluid leaking from the transmission. Clutch is still original @ 121k. Wondering when I change the concentric slave cylinder and the clutch what else I should change while I have it in...
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    Abs module

    I repaired mine this weekend as a new module was going to be 1100 quid. Followed this guide and soldered the 2 connections that connect the hydraulic pump to the circuit board. ABS light now gone.
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    A4 2.0 TDI B8 - wont start when hot (??!)

    I'd put money on your egr valve sticking or failed. I would take it off and clean it. I think you can test using VCDS.
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    haldex question

    I always fill through the level check plug hole on the front of the unit. Just enough space to lie the tube of new oil alongside the exhaust. Works a treat and you can take your time and do it on your own.
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    weak & strange brake effect

    Probably the brake vacuum hose between the servo and the engine/ vacuum pump
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    mpg question??

    You have an MPG issue and an intermittent steering issue - I would jack up the front wheels and check they both spin freely. You could easily have a sticking front brake caliper....
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    B8.5 143 TDI Engine Temperature

    As thermostats get old they can fail by not fully closing, which allows water through the radiator before the car is up to temperature. What is the age and mileage of the car? Also if the car has ever overheated for some reason (such as a waterpump failure) it can ruin the spring in the...
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    Curious temperature problem

    Fans should both run from cold if the air conditioning is switched on. If the AC is off then the fans should run when the temperature reaches high 90's. You can check engine running temperature using the climate control trick. Press Recirc and up together then use+ to go to 49 and press recirc...
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    Best Diesel Tuning Box for MPG?

    Just to make it clearer, i dont want anymore power... Its an auto box generally left in Drive without hard accelerating so revs always seem to stay pretty low. Generally do long motorway journeys at weekends averaging 10k miles per year. All sounds very slow and boring I know! Driven...