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    Clearcoat damage from sap

    Megs ultimate compound also came to mind. I've used #81 and #83 before and both were very good. Any idea on cut, compared with these 2? I've got a polisher, therefore may pop down to Halfrauds tomorrow and pick some up.
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    Clearcoat damage from sap

    Following from leaving my car at Gatwick for a 2 week holiday, I come back to find sap all over the car. I've just washed it and looks like the sap has etched into the clearcoat. I've had a quick go at removing these etches, but I only have a light compound, so it doesn't touch it. There doesn't...
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    COD Motorway speeds

    For me, speed is not the factor that determine when 2 cylinder mode cuts in, its down to the revs. Anywhere around 1500-1800 mark, it'll kick in. Lower than that, it won't. I can be driving at 30mph in 4th and it's on the borderline and I can feel it transferring between both modes. Have to say...
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    Facelift Google Earth with Traffic view

    Have to laugh at the music playing while in 2km of stationary traffic!! :yes:
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    Front brake calliper removal

    Thanks @SevenW , I'll have a look over the weekend. Thought whatever was in there may have dislodged by now, but the score mark seems to be getting deeper!
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    Front brake calliper removal

    Saw this, but it's for an 8P. Is it the same for an 8V?
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    Front brake calliper removal

    Thought you had to remove the calliper to remove the brake pad?
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    Front brake calliper removal

    Can anyone direct me an idiots guide to remove the front brake calliper? I have a foreign object stuck in the brake pad creating a lovely score mark on the disc!! Thanks
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    New tyres...

    I also got them to price match the 4-wheel laser tracking with a local garage. So may be good also getting some prices as no doubt they'll try and get some money out of you for that as well!
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    Car vibrates/rough when idle on neutral gear

    I have a 6mth old 1.4 COD and have thought the same thing. Sometimes it feels like the engine is 'bobbling' about under the bonnet when its idling. Even lifted the bonnet and had a look, but the engine was gently vibrating on its mounts. My thought was that the revs were dropping too much, but...
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    @rvtb101 Where's that beach? Looks great!
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    Who to trust to fit my tyres?

    That's what I thought.....only to find a scratch on the alloy following tyre change. Luckily I had taken a photo before so they couldn't really argue!!
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    3rd brake light - LED's stopped working

    Agree with you on that one!
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    3rd brake light - LED's stopped working

    Just taken a piccie 2 LED's out!
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    3rd brake light - LED's stopped working

    Cheers chaps, much appreciated for the info. Didn't want the spoiler to be taken off to get to the back of the light fixture, as no doubt they wouldn't have put it back on to my standard! :grinning: Now knowing the above, it's good news.