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    Audi Recall ( all petrol engines)

    I will let you know if they say mine are ok or not booking it in tomorrow hope they replace them because its free :)
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    Audi Recall ( all petrol engines)

    Just looked at mine looks like I will be booking it in tomorrow! I guess I have the old ones dont look like the bolt down type :D
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    Central locking and fuse 38

    I’m having a problem with my central locking on my s3 it keeps blowing fuse 38. I’m unsure if it could be a faulty pump or the ecu in the pump has anyone one else had this problem? I’m not sure what the 3 plugs are for on the pump but fuse 38 knocks out boot lights, elec windows and central...
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    Clutch problems, I have tried to find an existing thread!

    Hi Twelfth Monkey my 2001 S3 is doing the same thing let me know how u get on i have done 90k
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    Audi 8P wheels on 8L S3

    yep i could get 30mm just want to make sure i get the right ones as they are non return will 30mm work 100% or an i better playing it safe with 25mm
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    Audi 8P wheels on 8L S3

    I have just got some audi A3 wheels for my 8L S3 from a 8P car with 4 new tyres but i like the wheels more than my s3 ones i know my wheels are 5x100 and these must be 5x112 both wheels are 225x45 R17 also the offset is ET56 and the ones on my S3 are ET32 what size hud adaptors should i be...
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    remove/refit sump how long?

    Yeah it was an inspection service i would have tackled it myself but time and space are not on my side at the min just checking what it should cost and see if i will be taking it back there in the future 2.5 hours does seem a little long for the sump work as the oil would have already been...
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    remove/refit sump how long?

    cheers what about the price of a service 149 without supplying oil would that be right
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    remove/refit sump how long?

    Just had my S3 serviced at local vw centre (specialists) Service cost £126.81 + VAT Total £149 I supplied the oil for them as i was going to do it myself Included in price New Oil filter New Pollen filter Is £126 + VAT a good price? Also I had the sump removed and new oil strainer fitted...
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    REmap in the norfolk area?

    nope but not that far away closer to Kings lynn
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    REmap in the norfolk area?

    same here is it your own map?
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    Under engine tray snapped off...

    just under £40 I got one few months back
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    More S3 Drama

    Nice one mate
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    My minor modding thread

    Do you have to remove the wipers to lift the scuttle panel to get the pipe for a boost gauge into the car? only had a quick look today and dont want to be taking stuff off unless I have to :)
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    Crackerling BOSE Speaker

    cool any ideas were I could get my hands on a 2nd hand bose amp or is there anyway to bypass it and use another amp thats better