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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Bank Holiday and 10,000 mile wash from last week. Took a few but this one showed the reflections well. All Autobrite Products
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    AITP 2018 any B9 owners going?

    I'll be there with mine :happy:. Convoying down with two friends from work with their S3's
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    Factory Order ** Black Edition **

    Congrats on the order. Will be wanting to see pictures when it arrives. You can track it by following the instructions in this tread: You'll drive yourself mad with the wait. I ended up tracking the boat it was on and...
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    Gone and done it!

    Congratulations dude. It was this time last year I was counting down to the build date! It will soon be in your hands!
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    Tech Pack High review

    I haven't and would be interested in doing this? How do you do it? Don't you get a bigger middle screen with Tech Pack? Seems to be missed from the review? And the Charging Box with additional USB? I agree with some parts of the review, I've never used the hard drive, but am aware its doing...
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    Replacement Tyre - Questions

    Thanks for the responses all. I've heard it all before on not mixing tyres. You think as it was done under maintenance contact and taken to ATS they would have advised to either put Michelin on both sides or stick with the bridgestones. I'll mention it to the fleet manager tomorrow. I had the...
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    Replacement Tyre - Questions

    Yeah there was a nail spilage on an A road near here a few weeks, ago. Guess they didn't get them all! Yeah I was surprised. Luckily I have no plans to take it to France, but it did raise debate in the office about it!
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    Replacement Tyre - Questions

    Hi All, Found a nail in rear nearside tyre yesterday while washing the car. As its a company car, advised the fleet manager and they took it to Audi this morning to get checked. It's just come back, it went to ATS as they deal with VAG car wheels. The tyre has been replaced (After only 4000...
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    1.4tsi info please

    Echo'ing what others have said. Don't have it in the A4, but my misses A3 has it. Average MPG is 37 - 42. Alot of short journeys (3 miles or less). Very occasionally we take it on a long run. Perhaps it will be slightly worse due to extra weight, but maybe better if you do longer runs.
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    Which fuel? Poll

    Asda Normal Petrol for me. I've tried Shell / BP V / Ultimate stuff in past cars and really couldn't tell the difference. Plus now I'd need to go out of my way to go and get it.
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    Anybody beat 68.9mpg

    That is impressive. I barely see 40! But I am a petrol :-)
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    S4 - No option for adaptive cruise??

    Absolutely spot on reason I want it. Everytime I'm on a motorway its either average speed cameras, road works or busy. Constantly adjusting manual cruise control is a pain. Next time definitely coughing up... or maybe Audi might include it as standard...(dreaming)
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    S4 - No option for adaptive cruise??

    This thread is really making me wish I specc'd it. Just annoying it was part of an expensive pack. Maybe on the next car in 3 years....
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    Fuel economy

    MPG is in my signature. Dis says 34MPG (but was reset about 600 miles ago) 3600 miles over 7 months but I do ALOT of short / town driving. Its about the same as what my B7 2.0 TDI was getting with all my short journeys. But hey, I didn't get a petrol for the mpgs :blackrs4:
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    My first Audi, S4 Avant.

    Nov 2016 would be a My2017 car. However Light and Vision is a pack you have to purchase. If it doesn't matrix, it doesn't have the pack. The lighting setting is under Car > Background lighting, can't quite remember off the top of my head