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    A3 Sportback rear door blinds

    They look good. Where and how much mate?
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    A3 Sportback rear door blinds

    I'm just wondering if anyone can help with the part numbers for the rear door cards that have the roller blinds built in. Are they easy to fit? Are they expensive? Any one had any dealings with them or have them and rate them? Tried a quick search but only found A4 parts. Thanks in advance.
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    So since my accident i have done a few things... and what a journey its been!

    I must admit, it looks amazing in person! Thanks again Ash.
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    Help - iPod to Aux port??

    Hi All, After doing some searching I eventually came to the decision that to get the exact answer to my query I may as well put it out there to all you pro's. As per my sig I have an A3 8p with the Concert double din radio. I have the iPod connection in the glove box (fitted from factory)...
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    Factory iPod connection

    Doesn't matter how hard I push it in it still doesn't "click". My phone is the 4s. Unfortunately no charging. Something does come up on the screen but you can't read it coz of the angle and depth. Maybe I need a voltage converter? Still, would much rather source something that would have...
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    Factory iPod connection

    Ok, on my recently purchased A3 I have discovered an iPod connection in the glove box. It seems to work fine with my iPhone but doesn't charge. However, when you hit a bump or in my case accelerate quickly the iPhone shoots out of the connection area. So, I purchased an extension cable from...
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    Audi A3 Rear Spolier brake light

    So, on close inspection i have noticed my rear brake light located in the spoiler is all fractured. It looks like its been hit and shattered within. The light itself works but would like to get it replaced. Is there an easy way to remove this light without dismantling the whole car? Not sure if...
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    Hi there members

    After the sale of my Mk3 Ibiza Cupra R i decided to side step to an Audi. Last week I purchased an A3 Sportback 170 Quattro S Line in Black. So far, i love it. Having been a member of I realised how important and helpful these forums can be so thanks in advance to all who help...