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  • its in the ce unit one of the last bytes lets you select bixenon or bixenon with led drl and thats you done!
    sorry 2 be a pain in the **** m bt i cantfind how uve coded them anywhere ..any chance you could quickly explain on here how 2 code them in.there the xact same lights u have on urs ive just plugged them in but cant get the led 2 come on..much apreciated pal
    hey m8 i see u have done the 2009 conversion wondering if u could help in any way.. i have a 2007 audi s3 and have recently done the 2009 facelift conversion lookin seriously nice but 1 pronlem...ive plugged in the headlights and the xnenon hid lights and indicators work great but the daytime led lights dont. any help with this would be seriously apreciated... thanx ..

    how did you do the headlight conversation? I really want the LED lights on my S3 -07.

    BR Robin
    Hey, I read the thread where you said you bought a bonnet from Audi for £125, could you tell me which dealer it is? I got a quote from Tyneside Audi for £225! Thanks
    Phil I saw this thread which has those star caps you are asking around about. At the time of posting the quote was 15 quid a cap.

    On ebay USA the part code is 4F0 601 165 Not sure if this is the correct part code though but maybe helpful to your quest!

    Good Luck

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