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    Help with new entertainment system

    double din of choice (price range, specs etc dependant). you get what you pay for so a decent brand is worth it. alpine, pioneer, Kenwood, Sony or jvc personally is all I would ever use. alpine is my number 1 choice. then look on or for full fitting kit required...
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    Audi Concert 2 (1DIN) ---> Aftermarket HU

    look on the correct cable will give an ignition out. however I believe most of them are on ignition stage 2, unless its can bus interface.
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    Audi symphony safe mode unlock

    think its leave ignition on certain time and will come out of it, try google. sure its that
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    Parrot mki9200 and loud popping

    never heard of this before in a tt, what cable did you use?
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    S3 8l aftermarket HU

    try a decent quality active adaptor. look on I've fitted those with no issues
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    High pitch hum from rear speakers

    its nothing to do with the front speakers. it will most likely be the active adaptor that you have used to keep the active rear end still working. I have sen it a lot on a3's. what make did you use?
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    A4 B8 aftermarket head unit... is it possible?

    The alpine is now newer and lot more up to date. The x702 for Audi is out with Apple car play and android auto.
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    Custom boot build interest

    put on eBay mate
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    A4 B8 aftermarket head unit... is it possible?

    only option is the alpine mentioned above, good kit I have fitted a fair few, make sure check spec tho. only fits certain cars with certain original radios
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    B5 stereo wiring mess (1998)

    this is the rear speaker interface for the active rear speakers. without it the rears won't work at all
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    Current Best A4 B7 speaker upgrade

    whats your budget? buy the best that fits your budget. make sure you install some dynamat in there at same time, makes huge difference. you can get loads in the door of a b b6/b7
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    A4 B7 Avant ‘Stealth Box’

    I've installed one before, what one do you have? what sub/amp you using?
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    2014 A3 What lowering springs and wheel spacers

    Bought the mrs a 2014 A3 1.4T as a treat, she wants me to lower it and fit wheel spacers. what are people running? any pics? think there is two diff versions of springs listed for diff rear suspension setups. TIA
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    PioneerAVH-X8700BT fitting help

    Peto Pedro - You wired it wrong. SIMPLES