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    Help Please Low Battery Warning - Battery About to Go?

    Yes, but it's simple to make the cigarette lighter socket a permanent live by looping a feed in the fusebox. I used this guide several years ago.......... I then use this to connect my...
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    SD Card What Is The Biggest I Can Use

    My 2010 B8 with basic Concert works fine with a SAMSUNG EVO 32GB microSD HC Card in an adapter. I believe it was only the very first B8's 2008/2009 that were limited to 4GB SD Cards. Be aware that most of the "cheap" cards on ebay and amazon are fakes. There is a test you can run to check...
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    Temperature gauge light fickering

    Or BBA Reman........... My fuel gauge lighting flickers off sometimes. Problem is, will it be on or off when they "repair" it and what about the other potential "flickers" in the future?
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    Help Please Won’t start, no dash lights

    Fit a new Battery. Sounds like Energy Management is active - this would show on VCDS.
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    Exhaust brackets

    Yes a common failure point, you need to replace with "Mikalor" Clamps. Write-up here............
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    PCV valve woes

    @HertS3 Just for your info. the PCV valve is a mechanical oil seperator and it has no electrical connection. It is made from plastic and has oil vapour (crankcase ventilation) and water running through it (seperately) which can lead to leaks either way or out of the unit, if it cracks. The main...
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    Help Please V158 Temperature Flap Motor Location with Pics

    In the video above, the job is done on a RHD car.
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    Audi4 b8 Axle stand points - photos

    I jack up on the usual points on the sills using a hockey puk with a slot in it. Then I place jack stands at the locations shown in this photo. The Quattro rear subframe has two perfect points to place the stands. .
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    B8.5 Inner arch protector.

    8K0853823 Left Fender Stone Guard 8K0853824 Right Fender Stone Guard
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    B8 s4 2011 rear brake release

    It is possible to simply unbolt the motor from the back of the caliper (2 X Torx ). Then there is a Torx in the centre to wind back the screw. Plenty of info on the internet, example here.....
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    New battery, is coding required?

    The car should "learn" it's got a new battery fitted as you drive and re-enable the shutdown circuits.
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    ESC fault

    I belive all three "faults" circuits are linked to it, ESC Stop/Start & Cruise control. Also, when water gets in to the ECU box (usually due to blocked scuttle drain) it can not get out again, so leads to codensation/damp which can play havoc with ECU PCB. The capilliary action should only have...
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    ESC fault

    What is a "coolant sensor valve" ? Are you sure the brake light switch is OK?
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    Best place to genuine Audi Brake Pads - low pad warning

    What about "parts request" at the top of this page?