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    CD track info?..

    I have a 2014 S line quattro with standard MMI. Because I ordered it with B&O I mostly play music off the SD card at 320mbps but recently I've started using the CD player a bit... I've noticed that there is never any track info displayed on the MMI screen; it just shows "Track 1, Track 2, Track...
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    Audi Sport number plate surround

    Yes, they are hinged at the top. The surround comprises a backing strip which fixes to the car either by screws or sticky pads and the surround/frame which is hinged to the backing strip at the top. The plate slides in , you fold the frame down and it clips at the bottom.
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    AMI cable part number?

    That's great - thanks for that! [emoji1303]
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    AMI cable part number?

    Does anyone know the genuine Audi part number for the AMI/3.5mm jack cable? I've got a 2014 A3 with the standard AMI and I want to plug a MP3 into it. I know they are 'two a penny' on eBay but I'd rather have a genuine one...
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    Rusted hubs

    Wiped some ACF50 fluid on the hubs of my car when it was new. 16 months later - not a spot of rust evident! SO much easier than painting!
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    Audi Sport number plate surround

    I replaced the dealer's surrounds with these - I don't like doing the dealer's advertising for free either!..
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    Rust on wheel axle, is that normal?

    Wiped mine with ACF50 when my was car a day old - 14 months on and no sign of rust whatsoever!
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    first service ££££

    £130 plus change for first service on my 184 TDI quattro
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    what is the 2nd car in your household?

    Car A: Discovery 3 ('er indoors') Car B: A3 8V SB S line 184 quattro S tronic (mine) Car C: Mazda MX5 mk3 (mine) Car D: Land Rover Series 3 (mine) BMW R1200 GS motorbike... er mine... Seems entirely fair right?..
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    Should I debadge my car? (Poll)

    Had my Daytona SB S line 184 quattro S tronic debadged at factory, so had the rings but nothing else. I've added just the OE quattro badge in the exact position it should be, to match the one on the front grille. So, only rings and 'quattro' front and back.
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    Awful economy on new engine

    TDI 184 Quattro S tronic - 42mpg according to computer...
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    Only half privacy glass

    Be wary having the screen changed... My 8P was delivered with a badly chipped windscreen (dealer admitted that...) but also a chipped sunroof panel which they didn't admit to... V big row ensued, esp after an attempted repair - the screen and new sunroof panel were incorrectly fitted, two...
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    LED headlights recall!

    I just had mine (with LEDs) serviced and I stood next to the technician while he did it and checked the lights re. the recall... I also looked at the detail of the recall on Audi's service computer. There's a right angled rubber drain on the back of each lamp. It has to point down to allow water...
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    Brand new A3 Saloon S line 2.0 TDI 184 BHP

    I have a SB S-Line TDI 184 Quattro S tronic in Daytona with Comfort pack LED headlights Heated front seats Door mirrors folding and heated Hold assist Bang & Olufsen sound system Panoramic roof Non smoking pack Interior light pack Delete model/engine tech badges Reversible load floor mat...