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    Powered tailgate

    Hi MistaT Thanks for your reply, I have worked through those tips already, new powered tailgate struts fitted, apparently they are a different rating to non powered tailgate ones. VCDS is reporting no comms to master drive unit. I have removed both motors for now and the tailgate is a lot...
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    Engine code headache

    Hi Zach I would suspect the wiring loom personally, seeing as when the coil pack was first moved the fault went away and did not follow the coil pack. Wiring faults can be tricky to find!
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    Powered tailgate

    Yes, that has been checked as best I can. The boot will release and try to open about an inch, then fall back down, if I click the remote again it will open fully 50% of the time. But then its a 50/50 chance of it closing with then button.
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    Powered tailgate

    Powered tailgates! Looking for owners of Avants with a powered tailgate, how easy is yours to close manually? mine is really quite hard, it feels like im doing damage to it! I have seen a post of a guy in the US with a Tuareg and unpowered his tailgate closes real smooth by hand, I think...
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    Rumble sound when i apply the brakes

    Hi all Turned out to be a broken n/s rear spring! £160 from Audi and £100 fitting at a local garage, ouch.
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    Rumble sound when i apply the brakes

    Evening all As per title, When I apply the brakes I get what can only be described as the sound your tyres make when going over rumble strips. No pulsing on the brake pedal, car still tracks straight when braking and driving but you do feel the vibration through the floor of the car, more so...
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    A4 Avant to A6 Avant - real world driving differences?

    I have an iphone 6s connected to my 2g hi MMI, had to update the MMI to the latest revision, 4470 iirc, before it would connect via BT mind.
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    A6 Avant- rattling in the rear

    I have currently have a rattle at the rear n/s of my 3.0 tdi Avant, and its the heat shield around the rear silencer. The thin aluminium has corroded away around the steel washer and is flapping about a bit.
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    There's always a bigger fish.....

    So I pop out in the A6 for a blast as I don't get to drive it much, i'm either in my Transit or the wife's Seat. I pull out onto the bypass and zipp past a slow moving Peugeot gti thing, I did happen to notice out of the corner of my eye a mean looking Mercedes waiting on the roundabout leading...
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    What you all think

    Looks good :)
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    Rear wiper delete?

    I think the main reason with the A6 C6 Avant wiper delete is to avoid the broken washer pipe catastrophe! This is the well know problem of the washer jets water pipe breaking near the tailgate hinges and then the water runs down and onto the electrical items in the nearside rear quarter and...
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    Avant rear tailgate lights!

    The new LED units I brought were about £80 each with postage, which I thought was pretty good.
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    Avant rear tailgate lights!

    Avant rear tailgate lights, what a pita to swap out. Those plastic brackets, the smaller one goes on ok, but the larger one is a right fiddle! Having an electric tailgate kinda helped as I could get to hold position halfway to allow access above and below, but if it was a manual tailgate that...
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    A6 no ignition lights

    Flat battery?
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    A couple of quick questions!

    Yes, I have adaptive xenons headlights at the moment, they were spec'd on the car from new. Realised my original question did not state this, sorry. What I was wondering is if the actual headlight housing are the same? So that I could but a cheaper pair of new halogen headlights and swap all...