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    Looking at a TQS as a classic daily.

    Welcome. Think the guys have covered it well above. I have had mine 16 years now and use it occasionally. Biggest issue I find is now that some parts are no longer available. Mine is brilliant red.
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    Rear shock mounts wanted

    Look on the thread below this one and you will see some aftermarket mounts
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    Tempest RS - B5 S4 Widebody “Stingray”

    Gosh great work. Looking forward to updates.
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    A4 1.8t slow build

    I saw these mounts on FB and thought they looked interesting. That's annoying they do not fit your KWs. I have the same shocks, they have held up really well other than the springs which are rusty now. But the shock bodies look brand new after cleaning.
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    Clutch issues

    Thanks for the info. TTV ended up not having the RS4 B5 one in stock so ended up with the B7 kit. An LUK RS4 B7 clutch kit. TTV posted the flywheel on Friday afternoon and was at the garage on Monday morning which was nice in the current environment. My issue was the slave cylinder and the...
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    Clutch issues

    Just spoken with TTV. They will not have the 1.8T to RS4 B5 flywheel for a month or so but have the 1.8T to B7 version...
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    Clutch issues

    Hello, changing gear was getting stiff over the weekend. I suspected the linkage but while moving the car at home the clutch pedal stuck to the floor. Fluid was then leaking out the passenger side of the gearbox. Hoped it would be just the cylinder but that has been replaced as the clutch...
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    Oil temperature higher and idle tick

    Added a picture to show it has actually been used!
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    Oil temperature higher and idle tick

    Well with a house move during the year and having other cars to use this ended up sitting from 10th Dec 2018 until the 2nd of Dec 2019........ I thought if I was going to keep the car I better get the strainer and pump replaced. So ordered a pump and planned to do it myself with the help of a...
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    Water temperature dial working sporadically

    Yeah I changed the sensor. Not expensive and very simple. Lots of guides online.
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    Water temperature dial working sporadically

    Yeah I had this and was the temp sensor at the back of the engine. Had this twice in 15 years.
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    Oil temperature higher and idle tick

    So a little update. Got the car MOT'd on Monday. Passed. Was nice to have a drive in the car and used it most of the day doing jobs and did around 40 miles. Came to pull up slowly in my space and the oil pressure light came on!! Gutted. :sadlike: Thankfully I was at home. I am now...
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    Back Again... Noggy B5 S4

    Nice read. Glad your happy to be back in a B5.
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    A4 upgrade engine mounts

    I think most if upgrading go for the RS4 mounts. Solid would probably be a bit much for most.
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    BEX 190 TIP (Turbo intake pipe) options

    Yeah I think a normal silicone TIP will fit ok as it has some stretch. The neuspeed used a metal adapter to fit a much fatter hose. I have a silicone TIP so will just use that.