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    This guy needs a reality check big time.

    Typical response I was expecting from you far more “educated” human beings than I. Arrogance won’t save you as the planet fades away…..I’ll enjoy taking you with me [emoji23]
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    This guy needs a reality check big time.

    Yawn! I didn’t break the planet,it was like this when I got here. You tree huggers go on with you doom mongering,I’ll just carry on regardless….as if you can fix it anyway. #deluded
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    Oh dear it has started here again .

    The Government (all varieties) are undoubtedly clowns,but I don’t think we can blame them for the ******* you have seen acting the way they are [emoji848]
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    Best Engines from Audi

    2.5 Tfsi,legendary [emoji1305]
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    Q5 Digital gear selector - D to P

    Hmm… one on me. What engine/box do you have? The 7speed S-Tronic I have on my RSQ3 I have never had to do that. The only possible uncertainty I know of is,is it required to put the box into N,when stopped for a length of time,rather than just hold the car on the brakes,as you would on a...
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    Non Refundable £500 Deposit with Audi

    Hmm,seems a bit rigid. I’d expect there to be a little more leeway,maybe it’s the distance involved from them to you which is why they are saying that,it would be quite an expense for them to get the car to you,only for you to decide you don’t want it? That said,if the car is as described,and...
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    RSQ3 RSQ3

    Just over 29mpg Alan,not too bad I’d say[emoji848]
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    2020 Used A3 - lots of problems

    Definitely reject it,plenty more A3’s out there,why keep a lemon?
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    RSQ3 RSQ3 new purchase

    I’ve had my 8U for getting on for three years now,and still love it. As CosmicBlue has said before,it’s a car that is greater than the sum of its parts,and the relative rarity only adds to its allure. That said,I’ve parked up twice in the last month & came back to find another Sepang car parked...
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    RSQ3 RSQ3

    My car is mapped Alan,Ju may well be right,but I dont experience what you are when I give my car the beans. Uneven surfaces or damp roads sometimes make the t/c light flash briefly,but that’s it. [emoji848]
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    Should I keep the decals?

    Hmm.....not for me,but it’s your car
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    RSQ3 RSQ3

    I’ll bet it is Alan [emoji6]
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    RSQ3 RSQ3

    Wow! No I’m really confused [emoji1787]
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    RSQ3 RSQ3

    Bet that came to a pretty penny. I see they adjusted your windscreen washers.....I wonder if they have a special tool for that?,I struggle like crazy to do mine [emoji2959] Still find it hard to believe they fit the “jet” type rather than the superior imo “fan” type I’ve had on other VAG...
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    Q5 Q5 Vorsprung 21inch Wheels

    Going on your picture,I would say not [emoji848]