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    New Shape S3

    Have a butchers at a Porsche macan gts, it's got good reveiews
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    Rsq3 2020

    Anyone on here had a go in one of these?Can't get a test drive, just worried about the harsh ride. Thinking of one with adaptive. TIA.
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    Best priced insurance?

    Me too,silly high quote.
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    For Sale S3

    SOLD 2019,Daytona grey, mine from new,9000 miles,no finance, super sports seats,folding mirrors,privacy glass,comfort package, B and O hi fi,quick sale now SOLD
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    For Sale S3 Jan 19

    Now sold
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    For Sale S3 Jan 19

    Now sold
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    Test drove a X3 M40i yesterday

    What about subsequent years?
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    Test drove a X3 M40i yesterday

    Extra £400 road fund licence??? Must be missing something here!
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    Wanted Sq5

    Sorry mate, want the 2019 desiel model.
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    For Sale S3 Jan 19

    No finance,ss seats, privacy glass,Comfort pack,folding mirrors, B and O hifi, mine from new,no previous owners 7880 miles. No finance, unmarked £27500 firm Based in Kent 07780560545
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    Wanted Sq5

    Looking for an sq5,got a well specced 2019 s3,expanding family, need,a bigger car,looking for swap,px cheers Froggy.
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    Next Gen RS3, or not ???

    Yep,,being an oldie,I love my new S3 doesn't pop or fart!
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    Sport pack

    Can someone please tell me what the"£1700 sport pack"is please on the configurater.Can't seem to find an explanation on there,thanks.
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    Facelift New S3 MY20 Factory Order

    Lovely spec, congrats.
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    Facelift So long, farewell..

    Don't normally reply to this sort of debate,but we all love our S3s,but....that landy looks the nuts!...enjoy the car bud,we all love a a new car,f##k the haters,enjoy your new car experience.