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    Looking at an A3, 12k budget

    Hi, I have been tasked with finding a car for a relative returning to this country. The criteria is that it has to be an Audi, automatic, ideally a hatchback and have cruise control. With a 12k budget. I currently have a couple of diesels, a GTD and an A6 (177) and so am swayed towards a...
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    Identifying options

    Thank you for the replies. Yep, two SD and one sim slot in the dash and the car was pretty much the spec we were looking for. Also rang a local audi dealer to double check service history who were brilliant, telling me little bits to check and being generally helpful and reassuring. As a result...
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    Identifying options

    Hi thank you for the replies. The car is here Mileage looks high but being honest I think the lowest I'd find for my money is about 50k. I also don't want to go much higher than 70k. The niceties we are looking for...
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    Identifying options

    I'm looking to buy an s line A6 avant but the one I have seen has a rather vague advert as to what it has fitted. From what I can see the car has the mmi touchpad, which is one of the things I was looking for as I would like the larger screen, but doesn't have the two sd card slots in the dash...
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    First Time Detailing Help Please

    When you carry out the paint correction you are effectively polishing out defects. You could, although defintitely not advised(!!), go in with the harshest polish and the most aggressive pad you can find and remove the swirls and some of the scratches (some may be too deep) but you would...
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    The new girl

    I can hear the turbo with the windows down. I was a little worried at first as it didn't sound quite right but after a service and oil change it's much quieter and sounds much more like you would expect it to sound. Previously it sounded just a little harsh, not a nice whistle if that makes sense!
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    Yes, I've been asked by a couple of times recently if mine is a diesel lol!!
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    Audi Badge removed (pics)

    You may find the baby blue is a slightly softer paint than the black and so a bit easier to remove defects. Audi paint is supposed to be quite hard but there are always exceptions hence the often given advice to start with the lightest combination of polish first to see if that works. To the...
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    Someone hit me! Insurance or Private?

    I also had someone hit me in a petrol station. Rang them that night to ask about video and they said they had it. Result. Went back the following day and they couldn't give it to me or my insurance company due to data protection, they could only give it to the police if they requested it. As it...
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    Remap and Intake OR Remap and cat back?

    Interesting thread. I have always thought fit the modifications to the car, then get it mapped to suit, but that would be mapping for that particular car with on road testing and set up on a RR, not a stage 1, 2, 2+ etc. My S3 will be getting mapped soon, insurance is due so I have spoken to...
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    Recommend a decent DA/Polisher?

    I have a das-6 pro which I'm more than happy with. I did have a udm a few years back which eventually died and at the time I thought, no worries the car is how I want it to look I wont miss it. However I don't just use mine for correction work, also applying glazes, sealants, cleaners etc. makes...
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    first time

    General rule is to start with the lightest combo first (pad/polish) then if that does the job you have removed the minimum amount of paint. Practice is the key, if you can find a scrap panel then have a play on that then it doesn't matter if you damage it.
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    RNS-E DVD/SD missing from my car, best solution to replace?

    Bought a 2008 sat nav disc from ebay as mine didn't have the TMC traffic updates being the 2007 disc. You have to make sure you get the RNSE version and the later versions seem to be advertised with two discs, one for western and one for eastern europe. Not being too fussed about driving around...
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    Someone please recommend a reburb place

    Lepsons in Gillingham Kent are supposed to be pretty good, not had to use them myself though.
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    S3 take off :)

    So are you still suffering lag even after a map? I'm still to have it done to mine, was hoping it would be one of the things it cured.