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    Adjust Automatic headlights sensitivity

    So I had a nose and there's nothing anywhere in the menu to change the light settings, anyone know a way to do it??
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    Adjust Automatic headlights sensitivity

    Thanks, i'll have a look but dont recall anything previously. If not is there another way to do it?
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    Adjust Automatic headlights sensitivity

    Hi, does anyone know how to adjust the sensitivity of the Automatic headlights? They come on almost immediately there's any hint of darker sky's, driving through a tunnel, under some trees etc or when it rains and its annoying as hell as they wont turn back off again for ages after.
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    Genuine Audi LED Entry / Puddle Lights **NEW STYLES**

    Are these still available, whats the best price etc? thanks
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    Fault code 00631 ??

    Hi, i just bought an Audi A1 1.4tfsi, very happy with it but just did a scan using carista app & its giving me a fault code: 00631 communication/AC Connection - Motronic... its in the ABS section.. Anyone know what this is & if i should just clear or contact the dealer?