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    DTM register / owners thread

    Great spot, thanks! It’s got a lot of stuff the advert doesn’t mention (034 catalyst, full milltek, 034 hoses, rs4 engine and snub mounts, s-line MFSW, etc, etc but good luck to them and it’s next owner)
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    DTM register / owners thread

    I just part exchanged my Sprint Blue A4 DTM (KE06 CRX) so I expect it will be on sale or at a trade auction shortly. It was extremely well loved and will be a great buy for someone.
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    Carbon cleaning questions - inspection and carrying out

    Where are people who don't have time to DIY getting this done? Anybody around Oxfordshire?
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    2.0tfsi quattro

    I also had a strange squeak on startup until I tightened up the exhaust manifold!!
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    2.0tfsi oil pump, is it worth it?

    Why does your car need pickup pipe, chain and tensioner at all?
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    B7 s4 cranks but won't start

    Post exact codes and don't forget coolant temperature sensor's dodgey values can prevent starting.
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    Hi Scott - nope, sorry. You need a tuner, this is not something someone can do with VCDS.

    Hi Scott - nope, sorry. You need a tuner, this is not something someone can do with VCDS.
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    Balance shaft failure survey - please help us gather facts and figures

    A friend with a B8 had his fail over Christmas. I won't be filling in the survey, sorry, I have no info.
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    A4 B7 DTM

    Same engine? So that's BUL engine code with a lower compression ratio (10:3 in comparison to 10:5), is it? Or rather, what was your point?
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    Hi Guys, A little guidance is needed TESCO fuel ruined my beautiful a4 v6 2.5 tdi

    You took Tesco to court because your fuel pump died and a recovery guy said the fuel smelled funny, and you lost, right? Do you have a fuel analysis you'd like to share? You drained the tank, but left the car for 9 months, why was that?
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    DTM register / owners thread

    Anybody fitted cruise control to their DTM and kept the original Alcantara steering wheel (which has no buttons etc)? What was needed.. extra wires, Modules, etc?
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    Cruise control install

    VCDS lite won't talk to any newer modules which use the CAN protocol, I'm a B7 man which is half and half so no experience with the B6 but I do have the proper version of VCDS.
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    Cruise control install

    Well, get it physically installed and I'll do the coding for you if you want.
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    Cruise control install

    Did you get this sorted yet Mike? I can do the coding but I'm busy and expensive :thumbsup:
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    Big Up...

    ...Big Up NHN who took a couple of hours out of his day to help me solve a diagnostic port issue on She Who Must Be Obeyed's Golf GTI :rock: Problem solved, everybody happy. Mr Hobden, I'll book you in for some Cruise Control and a steering wheel or two soon! That is all. :-)