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    Q2 Is the cigarette lighter socket live with ignition key out?

    Is the cigarette socket in the Q2 permanently live. Or does it only have power when the ignition key is in? My A3's cigarette socket is permanently live which is really handy as I don't have a garage but can still hook up a battery maintainer via the cigarette socket and leave the car unattended...
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    Experiences using CTEK MXS 5 or similar

    New job means I'm no longer using the car for the daily commute. Battery low warning has flashed up last couple of weekends, so I'm looking for ways to keep the battery topped up. I've read good things about these CTEK battery conditioners, but I don't have a garage, so any mains lead is going...
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    18x8 ET35 - will they fit?

    Car is standard S-Line suspension. Am worried about ET35 after reading various old posts with conflicting opinions. Not so much about how they will look or "poke", as that's more about personal opinions. But more worried about whether they will rub/fail MOT. The wheels will have standard...
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    Bit of advice on a scrape please chaps. Ins or diy

    You may see an increase in your future premiums if you do put a claim in, even though it wasn't your fault. Some insurers will say evidence shows if you've been a victim before, analysis shows you are likely to be a victim again. Therefore you are seen as a higher risk compared to someone who...
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    Sportback rear lights

    Mine's a 55reg Sportback....8P2 I think. Are the later 8P3 2009 OEM rear light clusters a direct swap. Or would I need to make changes to the fixings, clips, wiring, VCDS coding and other stuff. I've damaged one of my clusters and am weighing up either just getting another, or upgrading the...
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    Equaliser 2......

    Yeah #2 was a bit of a....#2 Seemed like there was more action in The Lion King. Too much pondering moodiness, weather and music.
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    Anyone further up north in Yorkshire who can do this update too?
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    Scammed by another member on here

    Before I had an Audi, I had a similar problem with a forum member on another owners club forum. He failed to deliver the parts I bought from him, and kept saying he'd refund me giving all sorts of excuses, including saying he was not around, abroad, not online etc. Yet I could see he was...
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    Security Thoughts...

    I fit a Disklok. It's not going to stop a determined thief, but it's an affordable and visible deterrent that may make a less-determined thief pick on the next car along the street.
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    Ebay experiences

    Didn't get scammed this time. Just an idiot, - a technically-minded one who can use a multimeter to check voltages - but can't do a basic check to see if he's plugged the cables in properly. Although I have been scammed before. A scammer once bought a £50+ watch from me. He received it leaving...
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    Ebay experiences

    Like a lot of people, I use Ebay to buy a few bits, and occasionally sell some stuff too....recently, a spare laptop charger, tested and working. So I list it, and agree a generous price about £10 with free P&P with the buyer. Let's call him "****". **** pays promptly and leaves a message saying...
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    Gender pay gap

    Did anyone see tonight's Panorama about gender pay gap? There was a bit about BBC paying John McEnroe more for Wimbledon than Martina Navratilova. I'm all for equality, whether it be gender or ethnic or age etc, but Martina's case seemed a bit poor really considering - according to the BBC -...
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    Workplace issue opinions

    Sounds like a lot of corporate and ethical wrongdoing there. I'd try stay out of it. At one place I worked at years ago, three women in the team had a beef against our manager. Not because he was acting like your managers. It was just because they did not like him. They'd bitch about him being...
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    RNS-E theft prevention measures, suggestions?

    When mine got nicked a couple of years ago, I downgraded to the OEM tape deck/multi cd option. The only feature I miss is the convenience of the SD card. I don't really miss the satnav on the RNSE . My Garmin can be positioned higher up, has free map updates and is far easier/quicker to set the...
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    Having troubles playing mp3 files on 4gb SD card on rns-e mk 1

    I read a post about it only reading (older - low) non-high speed SD cards, when my 2005 RNSE didn't play mp3's. I found some old, slower speed SD cards on a well-known online auction site.