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    Audi S3 8V Wheel Spacers

    if you can see the need for spacers youre looking too hard. a total waste of money
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    Facelift Virtual Cockpit Overview

    this pretty much sums up why the virtual cockpit is a must have. those who dont like it sound like the types of people who would be better off on horseback
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    S3, bored after 6 months...HELP!

    I think its ridiculous to not be able to decide what one wants and then come to a forum and whine. its a bad look and is totally absurd. if you dont like the car then get something else. period
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    S3 Saloon Sepang Blue with or without BSP

    its your car why do you need help picking what you want?
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    19" Wheels with springs and spacers

    why do people think spacers do anything? its ridiculous. its your choice obviously but it makes zero sense
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    Increasing digital speedometer refresh rate?

    how about you look at the speedometer
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    S3 - One Week On

    conti dsw 06's are a good tire choice if youre looking for comfort and quiet all season performance. the one major thing that the s3 needs is another gear for highway cruising. it is, with magnetic ride, a fantastic highway machine with the drive select in comfort but that 6th gear kills it by...
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    2016 Map Update

    ended up getting about 28MB/s for the download. then it took a while to verify and transfer the file to the location I selected. then transferred to an SD card. took about 40 mins to transfer to the car once the update started. cool little indicator on the bottom left of the mmi screen. then...
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    2016 Map Update

    glad I found this thread and the solution worked for me. if you are one of those people like myself who has been warned about the insecurity of java and therefore hadnt installed it on your pc or removed it, you MUST have java installed for this process to work since audi uses java to facilitate...
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    Advanced Key, smaller alternative?

    seriously? it doesnt fit in your pocket? wearing skinny jeans are ya?
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    I have yet to see a description of what 'mono pur' is. to say that audi connect is not worth it is your own opinion and not an accurate one. the bang and olafson stereo is also well worth it. funny how people who dont have major options are always he ones who say they arent worth it. she...
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    Sat Nav "Initializing"

    Ive seen the initializing screen but pay it no mind. my other asian luxury cars all needed time for the system to boot.
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    Driving style

    when commuting to and from work, comfort. once the car warms up it seems to be more comfortable. driving around otherwise its in automatic.
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    De-chromed my s3 (pics). Used 3m Matte Black auto wrap vinyl. 60$ mod

    to each their own but Ill never understand why people do this. audi designers have the right idea and thats part of why I bought mine anyway.