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    New to this and baffled by the choice!!

    Thanks Cloughy.
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    @ Welshwoody - don't get me wrong, I am glad to have all those options. It's just always puzzled me since getting the car why someone ordered all those things but didn't go for cruise? I guess they just weren't a fan of it? @ Warren - yes thanks, I was aware you can retrofit cruise, just...
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    Help with too many choices

    Hi I posted the below in the general detailing section and another member suggested heading on over to your forum for some advice. Hopefully self explanatory, bit for every application there is are so many products available! I've got a 2007 Imola Yellow S3 and am looking for some advice on...
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    New to this and baffled by the choice!!

    Thanks, I'll post there as well.
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    I spotted on the Audi website tonight that you can download old brochures. I have a 2007 S3 which is quite well specced but has no cruise control. So I thought I'd look at the cost of all the options that the original owner specced: Imola yellow - £485 RNSE - £2,175 Phone prep in armrest - £385...
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    New to this and baffled by the choice!!

    Hi I've got a 2007 Imola Yellow S3 and am looking for some advice on paint protection and the alloys please. First the paint. I use a lambswool mitt and the two bucket method. I use Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax to clean. I then used Meguiars clay kit, followed by Autoglym super resin polish...
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    New S3

    Maybe it's 280bhp per tonne :)
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    Cherished numberplate

    The only problem is you would have to own an S3 for the rest of your life lol Slightly off topic, I saw an RS6 Avant advert the other day and its reg was YE51CAN spaced to say YE5 1 CAN !! How cool is that for a standard plate?!
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    2008 8P1 S3 diffuser removal

    I thought they were one piece, integrated with the rear bumper and just painted a different colour?
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    Clutch going perhaps?

    I was absolutely convinced my clutch was slipping last year for a couple of days but then it just stopped and has been fine since (touches wood!). It slipped when I accelerated hard in 4th or 5th gear when the revs got to about 3.5-4k. My S3 is still standard. Fingers crossed for you!
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    Paintless Dent removal - East of England - Write Up and Pics

    I used Dents Plus (the agent was based in Oxfordshire at the time) on my last car a few years ago to remove a crease on the rear quarter of my 3 door Golf GTI which some idiot did with their car door. The result was fantastic and cost £60 (think that was in 2005). They can only do it if the...
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    Think I've found what I'm looking for....

    Misano Red A4 Avants look good with the black optics.
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    Adaptive xenons on led drl unit

    My 07 S3 has adaptive bi-xenons and they definitely do a left/right and up/down dance when I start it with the lights in auto mode. Warren - you're not going mad (yet!)
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    Think I've found what I'm looking for....

    lol must just be me!! I wanted Solar or Imola when I was looking and couldn't find a Solar one so Imola won the day. No regrets, especially with the black optics on it. Who on earth specs Solar or Imola with a chrome grill from new??
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    Cambelt , your thoughts

    You're probably right but if that's the case, it's Audi manipulating the price (or TPS if that's where VW dealers get OEM parts from) as I know the VW garage well, have a mate who works there and have used them for years. They showed me the on screen price for the S3 kit and the normal kit. No...