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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Gave it the usual pre-dealer visit wash/valet, and then (to follow up on a much older post) had the software update to restore the satellite map overlay on a "free of charge, while you wait" basis( I said don't bother with the complimentary health check). Took just over an hour. After starting...
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    I'm told that the satellite overlay (which is no longer Google Earth) is a free of charge update. Haven't booked it in yet. Audi Connect which Audi paid for, was £171 including remote lock/unlock etc............ I'll let you know how it goes, although there are a couple of threads running in the...
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Nice one @Bristle Hound - gave the S4 a nice foam, rinse, wash (both with AG stuff), dried off with the super duper Korean MF cloths recommended by @jassyo06 (marvellous things they are) and then waxed with AG Super Resin polish, applied with MF pad and then hand polished with the Korean MF...
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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Congrats, lovely car and superb spec. I wouldn’t worry about the heated seats. I’ve got them in my S4 and never use them. Complete waste of time
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    2020 Tyre Dilemma 245/35 r19

    When I got my S4 earlier this year I had Falken Azenis FK510s fitted. Good rim protection, quiet and good grip in wet and dry - reasonable price. Too soon because of Covid to say what the wear characteristics are though. Went for them as I’d had Falken tyres on my Scooby and was pleased with...
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    Does an inspection also reset Oil Change schedule?

    Thanks - that's what I suspected - shameful really!
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    Does an inspection also reset Oil Change schedule?

    So I "unwittingly" paid £232 for an "inspection service" which did not include an oil change. I made the false assumption that "service" meant they actually did something! On challenging them they said if they had done an oil change service it would have been double the price Via the waste of...
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    Audi Connect now £££££

    On the 26th November: (Seems a bit of a mess then !!) I now suspect I will get the same message as @L_G !!
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    A couple of things here - my google earth has just (yesterday) gone "out of focus" - Coincidentally (??) my Connect Licence expires soon and I E Mailed customer services a week or so ago and got confirmation it would be extended for a year FOC, but didn't mention Google Earth specifically...
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    MyAudi & IOS

    Anyone else found that their MyAudi App is now defunct as it "requires IOS 13.1.1 or higher"? My not particularly old iPhone 6 doesn't get the update (stuck at 12.4.8) and the App insists on updating to the latest version before you can even open it. Practically speaking, it is now useless -...
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    I believe they can use it - it’s just that most people lose it !!
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    Black Wheels - First Clean Before Sealing - Advice Needed

    Let's see a picture of those lovely black wheels then !!
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    Wheel Woolies

    I got the Halfords equivalent wheel brush (which had decent reviews online), which goes perfectly between the caliper and the wheel, but the handle is like plasticine !! Still using it though!
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    So today, I finally got the plastic thingy from the dealer with the 10 digit code for my 67 plate S4 purchased in February!! To be fair they do have to be ordered from Audi AG and it got interrupted by the pandemic. But now I am the "key user" and have finally got all the remote functionality -...
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    Newbie Here - Saying Hello

    Looks great mate - welcome to the forum. I see you haven’t washed any time “tweaking” the car!!