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    S3 taking over

    S3 taking over
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    Radio Harness adaptor help!!

    Ive got the standard Audi symphony cd changer from a mk1 facelift s3 wanna get it out but need a harness adaptor I've been looking but not sure I've found the right one I know I need to find one with allows the Bose system to work but can any one show me or direct me to the correct connection...
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    down pipe nightmare help!!!!

    PROBLEM driving home and I can feel a vibration from the underfloor. the car was jacked up an the flexi pipe has spilt and now bouncing of the drive shaft. I ordered a new down pipe and decat for my BAM 225. took the car to the garage today to have it fitted but i was told it wouldn't fit...
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    Big judder when pulling off

    My 8l s3 judders when pulling away from a stand still. Noticed on the way home from work yesterday. I think it's the exhaust which is a turbo back system. Can any one shed some light on it. Check brakes and drive shaft and springs and all seem fine.
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    The 225 bam lump question

    Yes mate thanks for the reply. Yeah a work mate has a drop top 180 but I would only want the 225 would like to stay on par with what I have already,
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    The 225 bam lump question

    Hello people I've got a 8L s3 a 225 bam lump but wanna swap or sell and buy a MK1 TT. What I wanna know is the 225 engine in the TT the same as my s3 same power same out put etc etc?
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    Xenon failing

    Hi guys I've got two questions. One of my Xenon is white and the other side is slightly blue. I've Been told it means one is failing/ on the way out so its that true??? My other other question is the DS2 bulb I been told that the lower the K the brighter the light for example 4000k vs 6000k...
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    Side light bulbs?

    Can I see a picture of them on please
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    Xenon head ligts Help!!!

    My headlight unit (CLIPS) have broken off leaving the head light lose and moving. I've tired to glue them back but broken again. I wanted to get a new headlight unit (the whole light) but the s3 are xenon set up so my question is..If I go to say euro car parts and buy a normal A3 head light...
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    if you still have this car can you post a picture of them in the dark please as I've been considering buying a pair.
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    About me and my s3

    The vauxhalls build quality are a bit Shabby I guess why there so fast. I've always been a fan or German cars. As my mate said once and I quote ( German cars never die) Them Ford ST engines are Builet prof, 2.5T VOLVO lump but the rest of the car not so good. Most come with cloth seats!! Would...
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    About me and my s3

    I've already had the callipers off already as when I got it the brakes where sqeeking. As for bleeding it I do it old school with a blow torch to heat up the sezied nipples, a rubber hose and a milk bottle. I've got VAG-COM to rest pedal if need be!
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    About me and my s3

    I know some people think I'm mad but my best mate has got a 08 plate one and yeah the interior is basic in compassion they are fun in a straight line lol What can I say I still like them bit more modern features s bit bigger I guess it's pros and cons. Before I got the s3 I was gonna buy a...
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    About me and my s3

    Well my plan was to change the brake fluid and new hoses on it as the brakes on s3/TT are notorious for not being the best. I guessing the brake fulid has never been changed not that I can see in the service history. I was gonna give the RED STUFF brake pads with a fulid change and see if it...