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    Q5 Q5 clutch failure causing fire

    Morning all, I'm looking to see if anyone else has had issues with a clutch failure causing under tray fire on Q5? My sister has a 2016 Q5 2.0 TDI with manual gearbox and the clutch failed at 37k. In my experience this is quite early for a clutch failure even for a AWD vehicle. I was in...
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    50k service parts

    If you go to dealers for parts check which Haldex unit you have first, I have 09 S3 and they supplied the wrong parts for haldex oil and filter. Haldex unit changed to gen IV at some point in 2009 so the oil and filters are different. According to dealers Gen IV does not require filter change...
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    Steering wheels shaking at 80mph+

    +1 for wheel balancing. Had similar symptoms on my wife's car took back to tyre fitters for rebalancing but no improvement. Eventually sorted when I asked Mazda to balance during annual service. Needless to say tyre fitters removed from by approved suppliers list.
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    Rev Counter Position when Idle.

    800 - 1000 rpm depending on engine/ambient temps. Might sit a zero if you have petrol and start/stop technology but not sure they even had that option on 8P.
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    Tyres from Audi & Price match / beat against Kwik Fit

    I normally pay £12 per corner for fitting and balancing with local outfit JK Tyres in Stirling.
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    Best Bike Rack For Audi A3.....

    I also went for roof mount. Went for Thule roof bars and Halfrauds own bike carriers. All in was about £250. Having the bikes on the roof does bring down your mpg on a long journey though.
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    Main dealer neglect

    At the end of the day it is your car and your responsibility to maintain it in accordance with the service schedule, Audi have no idea how many miles you have covered since it was last with them. Sorry mate, I'm not a fan of main dealers as such and generally regard them as a bunch of over...
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    WANTED audi a3 2007 arm rest ?

    If you do find one around make sure the clip is still intact. They are quite flimsy and replacement lid costs £70 from stealers.
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    any one bought of

    Not used this one but did buy a second set of alloys with winter tyres from German eBayer tuning style direct. Prices were in euro and when paypal used the conversion is made using exchange rates at the time of transfer.
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    Just bought a s3 any hints or tips

    Ultimate Cam follower thread Worth a check as running stage 2 you may well have uprated HPFP internals. I also have 09 S3 which has the diaphragm (REV G) DV, still no issues but I'm only running REVO stage 1...
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    Servicing - Main Dealer or Independant?

    Specialist Indy for me. I like to talk directly to the person who has been working on my car. With Dealerships it is a service manager who has never seen your car or snotty receptionist.
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    S3 brakes

    I had similar on my previous car, a build up of brake dust in the calliper was not allowing the piston to fully retract. Split down/cleaning of calliper sorted it out. Symptoms were high pitched screech around 30mph, it would stop when the brakes were applied or under acceleration.
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    Advice for buying 2.0t ?

    I used this guide to check a while back. Thanks to mjr901 for the original post. My follower was still good but plan to get it changed during service this year so that it is on the vehicle history. It is not...
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    Time has come again... Tyres.

    The wife has Khumo ecstas on her Mazda, I'm not a fan as they are noisy and wet grip not as good as the oem dunlops. I run Vredestein Sesstansas in summer, currently have Dunlop Wintersport fitted. Goodyear eagle seems to be the tyre of choice for most though.
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    Advice for buying 2.0t ?

    Other than usual service items and haldex as stated above check that fuel pump cam follower has been inspected or changed recently. Worn follower can damage the cam profile. Checking takes half hour and new follower is £45, damaged cam will be a whole lot more! Small thing but this one really...