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    RS 6 with Silver wheels?

    I'm a sucker for bright silver wheels so they look the dogs ******** to me! Bit more a sleeper look (if the new RS6 can ever look like a sleeper with those wheel arches) which I like.
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    B8 S4 project thread

    Brakes look stunning Simon, loving seeing your build come together! Can't wait for the final product!
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    Chinese carplay unit success in B8 with MMI 3G basic

    Fitted the Carplay unit this evening. I bought mine from Elite CarPlay - - saw a post from him on one of the Audi Facebook forums offering the kit for HNav car's such as mine for £180 instead of the £359 that he usually charges so took advantage of the offer! I...
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    Cheap Car PCH Deals (Personal Contract Hire - Leasing)

    Been a while since someone posted a good deal in here but just seen this cracker... Volkswagen ID.3 150kW Family Pro Performance 62kWh 5dr Auto - Electric|Auto|RWD £317.69 per month £180 broker fee No deposit 36 months lease 10,000 miles P/A Link...
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    New Owner - cosmetic mod ideas?

    Vouch for Carista, used it on mine and was faultless. Idiot proof too!
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Love those rotiform wheels, think they suit the B8 & B9s really well! Looks great Gledy
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    Help Please B8.5 Suddenly Running Deeper / Louder?

    Could be something as simple as an exhaust sleeve coming loose? Happened on my old Polo and you could hear the car a mile away!
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    S4 Strut Brace

    Looks good mate! Have you had a chance to drive it yet & see if the ride has improved? Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Audi A4 2014 optical illustration

    I've enabled it on my 2010 Audi A4 Avant B8. Used a Carista to do so from memory, no VCDS required. I also only have rear acoustic parking sensors like yourself @vlatas. So not impossible to do as mentioned above.
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    Strutco Strut Brace – with pics

    You make a good point Jdp... I've been wanting to get one of these strut braces for a while but like others can't really justify the £120+ for the Strutco one or similar for the Canyon right now. As for making one myself as suggested by @MuPPeT_ON_TouR, it's a great idea and as you said you...
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    For Sale Few bits left over from my B8 S4

    Would you take £120 for the CR strut brace & Tune2Air delivered? Thanks
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    Stage 1 2.0 TFSI, what next?

    I've heard good things about installing a front strut brace ( Easy to find on eBay if you search up strutco front strut brace. Probably one of the best bang for your buck mods you can do to the car initially...
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    Sold Genuine Audi 19" le mans alloys

    @Sir Chumpalot Are you still looking for 19" Le Mans?
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    2.0 tfsi tuning frustration

    Not OP but I think a company called "Zaustworx" have pretty good reviews. Might be worth looking into?
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    AIB Insurance - Club Membership

    Hi, my insurance is coming up for renewal. On your website, you seem to have the date range set to people 25 years or older? Is that correct? Would you not insure me as I am only 23? Thanks!