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    Colour DIS

    Wow thats a low MPG you have going on there, I mean I get 36mpg out of my 330D! Is it an auto or manual? The DIS looks the muts nuts though:o.k:
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    What Pedals Fit?

    I wonder how many of us have said this in the past:)
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    What Pedals Fit?

    This was mine before I sold it.
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    RNS-E would be my fav option.
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    retro cruise

    Awesome do a deal on E-bay £249.00, so should be costing you around that.
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    retro cruise

    The stork is a new addition to the steering column
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    retro cruise

    I agree they are expensive but it is horses for courses if your handy go for it, if not then get an expert to do it....
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    retro cruise

    I had mine done by VWCruise, didn't seem that difficult while I watched them, and a new stalk + cowling was about it tbh.
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    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    Audi A4 roof bars
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    If you need 2 x SD cards I have 2 you could buy of me:icon_thumright:
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    Is it worth placing an 1.9tdi 115/130 tuning box on e-bay?

    Hi all I have an old tuning box taken from my old 130 TD-i is it worth putting on E-bay? Thanks Ian