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    Locking wheel nut!!

    Had an alloy wheel repair 18 months ago under Audi insurance. Booked another one in for last locking wheel nut. Never had cause to remove a wheel since the last repair! I've looked everywhere in the car, including where I think it should be, (the tool roll). Am I missing something...
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    Facelift Looking at an S3

    Surely you mean £22k?
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    Bye Bye S3

    Here's an idea, buy & enjoy the car that is right for you & be happy for others to do the same. We're all on here because we have an above average interest in cars, so lets enjoy listening to other people's car choices & stories. This is aimed at no one in particular!!!:blink:
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    2020 S3 (8Y) cockpit & layout - I'm NOT SURE!!

    That doesn't make it right or attractive to buyers though!
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    2020 S3 (8Y) cockpit & layout - I'm NOT SURE!!

    This is the same with the Golf apparently!
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    All new S3

    Hey, Bognor is the sunniest place in the UK!
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    All new S3

    My wife: "haggling is just men waving their ***** around!"
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    All new S3

    Spending £40/50k on a car & not seeing it or driving it? I like a haggle too, (much to my wife's amusement)!
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    Accident damage

    Go with your gut! I think you know!
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    New car - any freebies?

    When they're mugging you off with finance deals that earn a good wedge of commission, you'd think they'd throw in a brolly!
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Thursday actually. Major service Inc. spark plugs & brake fluid change, £445 at Worthing Audi. Tried to flog me 4 new tyres with 4/5mm tread on the current ones, a Haldex service, (already done at an indie) & an air conditioning service, all of which I declined.
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    Bye Bye S3

    Drive & enjoy! Good luck with the pick up.
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    Clearmount Questions

    Good choice! The vents ease off quite readily. A case for life worked with the magnetic disk on the back.
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    Reputable independent in West Sussex

    No problem. He knows his stuff!