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    New engine ...doh!

    Hi Just after some advice...unfortunately I need a replacement engine as mine's had a seizure...It's a 2004 petrol 3.0 quattro sport cab 6-speed manual with engine code ASN....just wondering if i have to stick with the ASN engine or can I go with 'another' 3.0 petrol engine, ie a non-ASN...
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    3.0 Quattro owners !!

    Around town - stop/start etc - 21.5-22.5mpg Motorway steady at 85mph - about 24-26mpg - lower mpg at 70mph funnily enough - I think because the engine wasn't at peak torque revs at 70mph (about 2900-3000prm) so wasn't braething as well as it should. Peak torque revs is about 3300-3500rpm...
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    Brake warning symbol

    fill the fuid bottle up to the brim...going quickly round roundabouts with low fluid level will expose the sensor in the bottle and cause the red brake light to go on in the dash!!!
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    LED Tail lights........yes / no / maybe

    .....or why not get some decent LED tail light bulbs instead....keep the STD lenses but look more up to date!
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    Where i can locate a good engine for an A4 2.5 TDi Quattro 180 BHP (AKE)

    I might be better, in the long term, and looking at the bigger (financial) picture, to spend £3000 on a full engine rebuild of your existing engine than go the replacement route at maybe £1500 plus £1000 fitted, but not your engine!! Better the devil you know!
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    Cab roof stuck half way....

    Yes, i had this issue once - I had to manually fully open the roof with the key and then manually close it fully, with the key, until the sensors came back in sync. then all was well.
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    Couple of Niggles on my 2004 S4

    Wipers - invest in a large can of 3in1 penetrating oil - 500mg...take off the wipers if you can (otherwise just take off the retaining nuts) - then start wasting the stuff all over the wiper mechanism located under the windscreen surround and also on or around the retaining nut threads for the...
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    Hub replacement

    Hi Got a front bearing going on my A4 B6 3.0 Q-Sport (engine-ASN) Anybody got a diagram or schematic as to how to get at it and get it off to replace it? is it a difficult job? I'm ok with most things... Thanks in anticipation Andy
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    Fuel pump?

    Any garage whether Audi franchise or not will be able to sort you out with the (or a) correct fuel pump for your car. Not sure what the default make will be for audi...maybe Bosch...
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    3.0 Quattro Tyre Loading Confirmation

    I have 235/35/19's on mine which are either 91Y or 91W rated. Hope this helps
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    "More-bhp" in Crewe. Has anyone uses them?

    Hi yes...I had my 3.0 petrol cab done there a couple of years ago...only charged me £180...fabulous! Mine's a non turbo petrol so it was quite a subtle improvment but deffo felt it...if yours is the 1.8T or a diesel turbo then you'll feel a lot more extra oomph than i did...i just got about 25hp...
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    New 19's arrived today!!

    V Nice...the first time you curb them you'll be devastated! Mine lasted a fortnight until a tractor forced my onto a grassy path with a hidden concrete curb! Still haven't got over it!...:-(
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    sign of the times

    Raises the question though of how many of us normal drivers, forgetting the rare F430 ones, are still using 'super' unleaded? I suppose its a financial issue, as we're all in different circumstances, but with 'super' now approaching £1.40 a litre its a real costing issue for some. Not sure I...
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    2 3.0 Questions

    Hi With regard to the 3.0 petrol (ASN) engine....Wondering if anybody can tell me:- 1) Where the Crankcase Breather Valve is located? 2) Does it have a Pressure Regulator Valve (or is that just for the Turbo models) and if so where is that located? I've got lumpy idle has...
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    Heater Issue

    Hi No, whatever I do it stays solidly at 90c, which is good so think the pump is ok...thinking maybe thermostat might be stuck closed (as well as heather maybe blocked). Could the thermostat be the culprit too?