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    Where and How to get B6 sports leather interior???

    They're not sports seats I dont think. No adjustable squab.
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    Why can't I sell this car?

    Maybe I've just ben lucky with other cars I've sold, 3 weeks just seems a long time!
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    Why can't I sell this car?

    Anyone got any opinions as to why can't I sell this car? I've had it up for 3 weeks now, couple of phone calls about it but nothing further... Advertised in on Autotrader, here, Edition38, Pistonheads, ScottishVAG. Anywhere else you can think of? John
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    What do you think of this A4?

    More miles, less goodies though...
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    What do you think of this A4?

    Pluck those figures out of the air did you? Or care to tell me your source...
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    What do you think of this A4?

    Opinions on this A4 please. Price look OK? THanks
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    DSG gear knob\lever replacement?

    How is the wiring loom different? Surely it has still got the same connections no matter which stick it is?
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    Bumped on Ebay! Advice please

    Reporting to the police can be an issue due to the distance involved (the offence would have been commited in London, if that's even where he is) and the fact that you made a civil agreement to purchase goods, sent the money and didnt receive the goods. I'm not saying to not report it, it just...
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    Which one to go for?

    Fella, When I started driving at 17 I bought a Polo, then at 18, bought a Mk1 Golf GTi for about £2000. Fantastic car, spent a fortune keeping it on the road though. Sold it when I was 19 and bought a 1999 Golf GTTDI. 110hp, good spec for about £5000. Loved that car, gutsy, refined, cheap to...
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    Scotland V England Today 3pm

    Looks like Scotland won by 6 points!:o.k::yahoo:
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    How easy is it to remove the audi rings from the front and back to spray black???

    New ones are about £13-£14 for audi dealers, the clip on at outer edges, and top and bottom of all the rings.
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    FSI or TDI that is the question

    TDI will have more grunt about it and better economy. TDI gets my vote
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    Pulled over by police

    I've no idea to be honest, they don't really talk to us mere beat bobbies. They do look cool though. There's also a shweet looking 3-series BM going about too now. They still use V70s though, got a new 07 plate one recently which looks nice. How on earth do you drive at night like that? You...
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    Pulled over by police

    Well those at my (L&B) station are usually quite good when lights blow and change it. Can't say the same for all stations though. The cars have to put up with a lot though and dont get changed very often. We had a rattly 160k transit at the station with blue lights that had to be plugged into...
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    Pulled over by police

    It's certainly possible to get a radio vehicle check done in under 30-odd seconds. I do it quite a lot, but if there's nothing sus about the car and it comes back OK, I'll usually not bother pulling it unless there's good reason. Like dark window tints for example. Some vehicles even have ANPR...