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    Replacing Broken Clutch Pedal - How to Guide (with pics)

    I did this about 12 months ago and the new pedal was £27, can't remember whether that was plus VAT or not. I chose not to buy the pedal and welded up the old one, I did buy the black plastic and the white plastic part though which were only a few pounds.
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    What did the S3 cost new?

    £27,150 was the on the road price of the S3 in 1999, plus whatever options you wanted. The price subsequently dropped to around £25,000 in 2001 when the manufacturers brought the prices in line across Europe. We bough ours new in 99 (however it was an import and came in at around 22k) and are...
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    Indicators playing up - relay?

    Mine has just packed up too, it has been playing up on and off for a while, I wizzed it out before tea, a tap seemed to start it up every time it jammed. I have cleaned up the contacts and adjusted the common pole to be more central, it now seems to be working again so we shall see how it goes :)
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    Clutch Pedal snapped, anyone know of or have 1

    You could have driven it home, I have done it a few times before in different cars, although it used to be when the clutch cable snapped.
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    2001 1.8t quattro warning light yellow circle with a triangle in the middle

    If it is registered in 2001 it could actually be a 2002 MY car, they start building them after their summer break.
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    Brake warning lamp

    No not at all, the pads are made to last a set mileage be that in 1 year or 12 years. They have lasted and are now worn out so when I sort out what is a good replacement for the road I will be fitting new pads and discs.
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    Brake warning lamp

    Well as talentwalsh correctly advised above there is only one wear sensor and it is on the passenger side, which explains why I couldn't see it when looking at the drivers side. Doh!
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    </3 car wont start...fml

    You should have tried bump starting it, or jump starting it. The first places to look are the battery and the startermotor.
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    Bosch Silver battery for S3 - help please

    We have a Bosch silver battery on our car however I have just been out to have a look and can't see the part no with the battery fitted as the bar across the top hides it. I got it from Costco, not sure if it was the one listed, I just took the measurements and got one the same size with the...
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    Brake warning lamp

    It's only on its second set of tyres too, mind it has only done 32000 miles :blush:
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    Brake warning lamp

    Well I have owned the car from new, it has never had new pads and I have had the wheels off a few times over the years and have never spotted the wires for the sensors, perhaps I need to pop the pads out.
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    Brake warning lamp

    I have a yellow brake warning lamp displayed on the DIS, as if the pads are worn out. The car is a 2000 MY S3 and doesn't appear to have brake wear sensors. There is no indication of a yellow brake warning symbol in the handbook, only a red one (priority 1) for low fluid level and a fault in...
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    S3 Avus tyre pressures?

    Anywhere between 30 and 34 would be the way to go, I can't see you wanting 38 in winter tyres though.
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    Brake discs and pads replacement

    I am going to be doing this on our S3 when the weather warms up, so probably June/July. I just wondered what people were fitting, not after anything fancy, Pagid, Textar or main dealer?
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    engine speed sensor

    Why would you even drive the car like that? The sensor failed on a Golf we owned a few years ago, I had to have the car towed home and I replaced it the next day. You could get stranded anywhere.