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    Rising used car prices.

    Have recently seen a 2013 Sportback S-Line 150 TDi with Tech Pack and 50k miles on a forecourt for £13,450.
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    Questions about Upgrading Steering Wherl

    Can't imagine it will be cost-effective, especially the VC. (No slur on @DJAlix)
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    Purchased wrong spacers

    Anyone else think that Audi-Sport-Driver should take a break from the forum ? His interfering and un-readable posts keep me off here, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one.
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    Vibration when turning

    Wheel bearing ?
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    Broken ventilation union

    Parts department at an Audi dealer ?
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    New here and looking for advice.

    @Itsdee Are you UK-based ?
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    Retrofit Alcantara RS Steering Wheel

    I agree with @DW81 - it's your car, so do what makes YOU happy. And as long as you're not trying to pass your car off as something that it isn't (which I don't think you are) who cares what other people think. Go for it.
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    Dealer prices for new timing belt

    @traindweller Could there be a difference between petrol and diesel belt kit cost ? Having never owned a petrol Audi, I am only guessing.
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    Dealer prices for new timing belt

    Car is a 2.0 TDi Sportback.
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    Dealer prices for new timing belt

    Albeit a couple of years back, I had the timing belt kit AND a water pump fitted for just over £500 inc VAT. The water pump was £80-odd plus VAT on it's own, so taking that into account, plus the labour to fit it, we're talking around £300 for the timing belt kit.
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    Dealer prices for new timing belt

    I agree. Should've been half what you paid. Wow!
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    Air Con condenser - design fault??

    Should you get nowhere with Audi, the parts are not expensive - the labour is the big kicker. Be prepared for a main dealer to want many hundreds of your hard-earned pounds to replace the condenser. For a fraction a reputable independent will do a perfectly good job.
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    Gps signal blocked for google maps

    Oops. My bad.
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    Gps signal blocked for google maps

    Try a different phone or your phone in a different car.
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    Brushed silver ring on steering wheel...

    Audi being Audi, I'd guess that it isn't a separate part. That'd be way too easy for the owner. I suspect that you're looking at a new air bag cover or very careful repaint. Someone on here will know for certain.