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    wtc 7

    No conspiracy imo. I used to believe in the conspiracy for ages, even got hold of some conspiracy DVDs off the net way back after it happened. But the simple facts are that all the buildings shared a very large underground shopping centre, parking lot and subway station. When the towers fell it...
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    cool helmet cam

    Very cool video
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    Blind girl begins to see

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    Front (RHS) Window Regulator replacement

    Hi all, I purchased a repair kit from eBay and fitted it a few weeks back. After a few days I heard another PING and a crunch. So back to square one again. I opened the door up and found that the metal bit that stops the cable from coming out of the regulator had broken. That'll teach me for...
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    Advice needed on choosing the right car!!!

    Depends on the mileage you are doing, for me it was the 1.9Tdi as I had fairly high mileage each year with 60miles average per day. If it were less than 50/day I'd go for petrol. But if the price difference is high and the diesel is a lot higher then work out your miles to see is it worth it...
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    What do we think?

    OEM RS4 one look sbest imo :)
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    A bit more colour coding!!!

    Mirrors are nice mate, wheels not so nice (I prefer OEM look like RS6 alloys) and the sticker on the rear windows is.....wayyyy too much pimp my ride, clean it off, it'll look better imo.
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    Door locking

    I have this too, and now it's also happening on the passenger side as well. The passenger lock is more painful as I have to use the key and push it into a slot when the door is opened. I must check wiring looms before I go and buy new locks.
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    boot lock problem

    I had the exact same issue about 2 years ago. I bought a new actuator and fitted it. Very simple fix, worked straight away. I tried all the usual first with penetrating fluid etc..but the actuator was shagged.
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    M1 traffic jam morons

    Excellent video
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    Fist ever Animated Tattoo

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    Cant wait for this, only bought MOH for the beta access ffs, BC2 is getting boring these days so now going back to L4D2 until BF3 comes out :)
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    Front (RHS) Window Regulator replacement

    Thanks for advice guys, @amar06fbr - was only looking for aprt number for the regulator kit like in the post I linked to. However I did take docurley's advice and bought a repair kit from flea bay, so I'll see how hard it is to fit it. I'll update here when I'm done :) Cheers all.
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    Front (RHS) Window Regulator replacement

    1 day and no replies....this place is really going down the swanny, a few years back you'd post a question and it would be answered in minutes. Surely someone here has ETKA or something like that to look up a part number!