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    B6 Door handle illumination

    For anyone who purchases these, they come with the LED pre-installed so you don't need to purchase it a separate part!
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    B6 Brochure

    Does anyone have an archive of the A4 B6 brochures? I know there's a thread on here with a link to the Audi website, but they appear to have been removed?
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    What's limited about an Audi A4 Avant 'Limited Edition'?

    Ahh okay, that is possibly what I've seen then!
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    Looking For Parts? Try our Parts Request System

    Is this going to be added to the "new" style site, the link doesn't appear to work at the moment!
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    B6 Door handle illumination

    Okay great! They've just made the Touareg style obsolete which is annoying as they were far cheaper! Thanks again!
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    B6 Door handle illumination

    Sorry would do a part number request but I can't find it after the update? Is the optic for illuminated door handles available as a separate part? Or does the entire handle have to be bought
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    What's limited about an Audi A4 Avant 'Limited Edition'?

    Sorry to dredge this up but does anyone have any more detail on this? I've seen some which look to have half alcantara seats and the body looks almost like that of an S4?
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    B6 Bumper Options.

    Are the pictures on the first page broken for anyone else?
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    Autodoc parts, thinking about buying from them, forget it now.

    Hope you get it sorted! Definitely live chat with or even better, ring them. Most of the time any final authorisation for refunds is done over the phone with someone in Germany so you might get faster results that way, rather than the online chat /email which I think is based in another country.
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    Autodoc parts, thinking about buying from them, forget it now.

    So just got my parts today, all as normal, no fees! :) They were posted on the 13th Jan according to the sticker. Only difference is you now get a plastic wallet with a terribly printed "Customs Invoice" stuck to the side. About substitutions as well. I think there is an option to disable it...
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    Autodoc parts, thinking about buying from them, forget it now.

    So to update this, they resolved their issue over the weekend and orders are moving again. Mine started to move some point last night. I’ve been assured by several people that there will be no fees, and the issue is party coronavirus related, and partly German couriers just stopping shipping for...
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    CCM Reverse Engineering

    No idea if this is the correct section so please move if its not! In short, has anyone ever attempted this? There are a variety of tweaks that have been found on the Golf MK4 platform CCM, see here. And I wonder if anyone has ever tried this with the B6? If not, is there any features or...
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    Strange rear light issue

    Not 100% sure, When they stuck on are they at 100% Brightness or a bit dim?
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    Door replacement

    Yeah they appear to have the same part number. Even the regulator appears to be the same so you should be able to just take the handle off and put the motor on
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    You should also be able to right click the link and do "Save As"? If I remember rightly