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    Facelift UK RS3 Saloon/SB (400ps) Order Thread...

    Do you mind me asking what sort of % discount you managed to secure. Purely out of interest as i don't expect to get anything (Unfortunately Don't have family at Audi lol)
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    Facelift Rs3 pricing

    I think I'm with you on this, i went to my local audi today and was told I'm looking at Jan-March 2018 and I think i was one of the first to put a deposit down with them
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    PCP and annual mileage

    I always go for lowest milage on a pcp to save on the monthlys. But, i have never seen a pcp through to the end and always trade in early.
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    To all with the 8v rs3

    +1 just used to it now, happens very rarely and i think just when you catch the box changing and you put throttle on at the wrong point. no biggie for me, maybe a recalibration at audi might fix?
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    8V RS3 367PS Tuning from DTUK and DTE

    I think I'm going to have to take the plunge. I can't resist it much longer
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    Now clean!

    so you got swirls even after the gtechnic coating? i also have Nardo (Obvs) and I'm super careful when washing, snow foam, two bucket method etc etc and i seem to be getting early signs of swirls (even though i don't even wash in a circular motion lol)
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    How do you know if you have the sports exhaust ?

    its easy to spot the difference if you just stick your head under one of the tail pipes. where the single pipe branches into two (just before the chrome tips) there is a small interconnecting metal tube/pipe in-between the two pipes. If you have this connecting tube/pipe, you have sports...
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    Here come some mods!

    andrew, is it ok that some people are using Map1 +1 +2 or +3???
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    8V RS3 367PS Tuning from DTUK and DTE

    so what part does the DTUK box intercept and adjust? Im keen to understand how far it goes. does it just increase the boost pressure and lets the ECU to the rest with the fuelling etc? or does it also have to fudge the injectors into pumping more fuel in? and more? And on from that, would...
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    our first tuned 8V RS3

    was worth a try :whistle2:
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    our first tuned 8V RS3

    I'll look at the numbers. Would the £599 still stand via the website with the finance offer?
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    our first tuned 8V RS3

    this is killing me. want one soooooo bad. Andrew you know my reasons for not buying at the minute (we spoke via email about not quite being in the financial position so near to xmas) Its so tempting to just stick one on the Credit Card :racer:
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    our first tuned 8V RS3

    Eeeks 2 left
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    our first tuned 8V RS3

    Still 3 left?
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    our first tuned 8V RS3

    Oh wow. Seriously 3.5??? That's crazy