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    remapped my quattro thoughts please

    @ BahnStormer77 thanks for sharing your experience with them. i cant fault them as they did my brakes all round and they are working still. Regarding the remap my figures does seem very high but i didnt get it done for bragging rights. the car pulls much better now and feels great to drive so it...
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    remapped my quattro thoughts please

    7 speed s tronic I think. I have the c7 with 245bhp and paddle shifters.
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    remap opinions.

    sorry guys i posted original post to the wrong section and dont know how to move it to here
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    remapped my quattro thoughts please

    Hi all, not really posted much on here before but i have spent a lot of time trolling all threads for info. dont attack me for sharing my figures. As always dynos always runs differently from place to place, I was at AMD tuning today and got my 3.0 tdi quattro remapped. My car is stock apart...
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    Rewire DB1-Lite tracker

    I just installed my db1 2 days ago and so far so good. I've not used another tracker before but this one does a decent job so far!