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  • Hi, found your info from the VCDS map. I'm based in Leeds during the week, and would like to have a VCDS scan due to a lighting malfunction error. If you're still able to help me I can get over to you - please let me know a cost as I don't really want to go main dealer route here! Thank you.
    Hiya mate.. just wondering if you would be interested in re-coding a concert 3 radio so that it accepts a Bluetooth module for me? Jimmy
    Hi. In need of some help. I seen you on the VCDS map and wanted someone to scan my car as it won't start. Will to pay you for your service. Thanks in advance
    Hi. I need a little help via vag.com. Will to come to you and see you right for your time. Leme know if you can assist. Many thanks.
    Hi, ive heard your one of the lucky ones with a Vag com, I need to program my 2005 A3 to link with my new multifunction steering wheel and also activate my cruise control ive fitted, can you assist, im willing to pay. im in birkenshaw bradford but will come to you if required, cheers, julian
    Do you have an email address i can contact you on as i am unable to PM due to low post count?

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