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Jul 31, 2017
Jul 4, 2007
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May 19, 1984 (Age: 34)
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Salford, Manchester

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Kowalski Details, Male, 34, from Salford, Manchester

VCDS Map User
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Jul 31, 2017
    1. mov

      Do you do VCDS still? if so please contact me
    2. abe_mide
      Hi N8,

      I had some work done on my car recently, and the engineer forgot to re-enable the electric folding mirrors of my car. So I need a genuine VCDS cable for him to re-enable this remotely through my Laptop (as workshop is in London).

      Please is it possible to make use of your cable? And I'm willing to pay some money for its use.


    3. Ultra Violent
      Ultra Violent
      Hi N8
      I've been doing some searching, it looks like your the wheel guru
      I have a set of 19x8.5 BBS SR that i removed from my A4 B8
      I'm not sure of the et, I checked the rims and can't see it anywhere
      Ive recently bought an S3 8P and was wondering if the rims would fit
      I know I really need the offset, just not sure how to get it
      The tyres are 255/35, I know i will have to change them
      Sorry for the rambling post
    4. Tj 0785
      Tj 0785
      I need help recoding my central locking it was all working fine until I tried getting the windows to go up on double click it should just be a case of recoding and will pay you just name your price as it is doing my head in
    5. SinkyA3
      Hi mate was trying to send you a pm but can't find the option to do it lol.. all it was mate.. I've been looking at your build thread and saw you did the face lift. . Just wanted to know if bumpers and wings were a straight fit without any modifications and I take it the lights needed coding and wiring?? Any help would be appreciated ad looking into doing this on mine too :)
    6. Ali javed
      Ali javed
      Hey n8, was told to contact u for a navigation disc. I've got an Audi s3 2009 sport back wanted the latest map if you've got it. Thanks
    7. JORDAN_D
      Hi mate I've followed a link to you regarding vcds lead. I'm thinkin of a few of the upgrades on my 2010 a5 with mmi 3G , I'm based in manchester an wondered if you could help out. Cheers
    8. OriginalShunt
      Hey I was just wondering if you could read the error codes on my A3 8P and perhaps also discuss a couple of VCDS mods with me, I'm a paying customer of course and I am close by with me being in Chorley. Please get back to me ASAP, thanks very much.
    9. Jack99
      Hi N8, I was hoping to get an error cleared on my A3. Thanks, Jack
      1. N8
        Send me a PM, thanks.
        Jun 2, 2015
    10. freezebox
      Hi There, was wondering if you remove DPF's and can recode the ECU/remap at the same time on an A3 quattro 2.0 TDI PD? thanks.
    11. Oldredeyes1
      Hi iv been recommended your the man I need to speak with, I'm after the triangle grab handles retrimmed in my A3, I'm after perforated leather with black stitching to match my MFST. Cheers Russ
    12. angela williamson
      angela williamson
      Hi.I'm after getting my 2g high mmi updated.do you do this.
    13. angela williamson
      angela williamson
      Hi.I'm after having my 2g hi mmi updated on my 57 plate a6 le mans and I'm under the impression your the man to talk to.
      thanks in advance.
    14. Shogun
      Hi, would you be interested in coding my headlights, s line headlights into an SE, on an audi b8, I'm in bolton area thanks
    15. lisaclio
      Hi n8 heard your the man for the job to activate the usuals on an a3 8p 05 plate sport back using the vcds. Can you get in touch please :) cheers
    16. s3jamie
      Hi n8 I'm needing the caliper bracket to fit my rs3 calipers but looking to retain the original disc size so I have more room between the alloy and would need some braided hoses for this also is this something you could help with thanks.
      1. N8
        Contact Jon @ brakecaliperrefurbs
        Nov 23, 2014
    17. thebedscompany
      hi n8 its nads from Manchester still waiting for you to book me in for a full interior + exterior valet lol?? how about a refurb on 18 bbs alloys at the same time? can you message me with a price update
    18. mattgoode
      Hi mate. I was just wondering if you would able to help me with some advise on fitting a set of alloys. I have a 2004 audi a3 2.0 fsi and have purchased a set of 19" alloys with 235/35/19 tyres. i have tried to fit them but they all seem to rub really badly. I assume i will need to space them off but i don't know what size they would need to be. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    19. budgieb
      Hi sandra sent me hear i have a 2010 a3 tdi and the power assist light is on but very faint you can only see it at night an the hazerd switch flashes all this is going on with the car off and locked i was woundering if you could do a scan or could advice me what to look at thanks in advance
    20. brianriggs
      Hi matey, Sandra has just put me onto you, you seem the closest of any active members with vcds even tho I'm in bacup, Lancashire! I have been changing my clocks, immo 3 to immo 3 and rb8 none fis to vdo half fis.. my vcds is really old and doesn't like it half way through the adaption bit of the clusters so I'm stuck! Need a fellow members vcds to help me! Would only take 20 mins I reck!.. could you help n how much would you charge? Cheers! 😊
    21. plasma

      I have a 2006 A3 2.0 TDI SE. I am interested in some coilovers. Would you happen to have any used ones in good condition that I can buy from you? cheers
    22. Compkiler
      Hi there, I've been put forward to you 😊. How much is an updated nav disc as mine now has a few old roads on it. All works fine 99% of the time but shows the odd old road when news roads have been built 😉

      Kind regards

    23. martinivw
      Inbox cleared :D
    24. Jimmy TDI
      Jimmy TDI

      I have posted up a thread for a new NW show in the relavent section HERE. I was wondering if you deal with show stands? If not could you point whoever does in that direction.

      Cheers Jim
    25. ozzyoz05
      Hi N8

      Im from South Africa and im really interested in retrofitting S5 Seats into my 07 A3 8p 2.0tfsi sportback.
      Read through some posts and saw that you mentioned that there might be some adapters planned for these seats, if there is, where will i be able to find them , if not , who can i speak to for part no's and a step by step instalation guide.
      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    26. robtom10
      Hi mate just wondering whether you could help me with something on my vw golf. I have an auxillary adapter plugged into the back of my radio RCD 210 and just wondering whether you could activate the aux bit as no VW dealers know how to do it.
    27. clair0786
      Hi just wondering if you can help, I've been recommended to speak to you by Nhn. I've got an a3 2.0fsi 53 model that's got intermittent power steering fault, start car none then drive a while and it comes back on. Car had a flat battery as it's been stood for about 12 months, I've replaced the battery and still the same. Nhn has said it could need calibrating and to speak to yourself.
      Thanks for your time
    28. simonatkins
      Hi, my airbag dash light came on after I removed the glovebox (to fix broken hinge) and drove my audi a4 for a couple of days before reconnecting the box? Can you help me?
      many thanks
    29. Archies
      Hi Mate,
      Wondering if you can help me, ive read the post about the the sat nav discs.
      I have an a4 on a 57 plate so the sat nav discs are a bit out dated, is there any chance you could advise me on how to get the 2013 discs cheaper than Audi, i have an RNS-E unit.


    30. electricj86
      Hi N8,

      I have a 2004 A4 Avant 1.9 Tdi Sport that has an intermittent rough idle. would you be ale to have a look and advise?

      I live in the fallowfield area of Manchester.

    31. thebedscompany
      hi N8

      looking at the whole forum you seem to be the person recommended for an alloy refurbishment.
      i live in Manchester so was wondering what you charge i have an 8p Audi a3 3dr 2008 plate but its not the led headlight style (or face lift whatever they call it) it has the bbs multi-spoke twin wheel polished 18 alloys.

      or can i get a link to your website?
      really would prefer the alloys black edition alloys you have on but don't want to break the bank for them.

      look forward to hearing from you
    32. gradwells
      Hi , been a member on here for ages and have a a4 2006 and need a map updated disc preferably with 2013 maps . Can you help / supply . Regards Ian
    33. Audi27
      Hi N8,

      I've heard you do alloy wheel refurbishment. I'm wanting the black edition titanium alloy colour on my 18's twin spoke's. what quote can you give ?? Also where are you based?

      Thanks Louis
    34. rOb_A
      Hi N8
      Had a run-in with a kerb at the weekend, where one of my Rotors came off worst, any idea's on cost to repair? as being diamond cut.
    35. Danwood
      Hi N8,

      I here your the man to go to for a set of V-maxx coil overs? Would you please be able to give me a price for a set on my 2003 8P A3 2.0 TDI

    36. ATAUK
    37. sinkiABZ
      Hi N8 ,
      I was speaking with MartayMcFly and he said that You might be able to help with a question I have ?
      Im wondering if You can offer any advise on what tyre sizes I can run on a set of bentley 19" 9J (et41) on my S3 8P (2007) .They currently have 215/35 19 fitted ,but would like to fit something slightly wider i.e. 225`s or 235`s,also the plan is to lower the car as well ...Any help would be much appreciated ,cheers sinkiABZ..
    38. GeoffDunk

      I have ben old you may be able to help me?

      Hopefully you can at least advise?

      I have posd some detaisl of a NAV disk problem I have, any chance you can have a read and ell me what you think?


    39. robbiemac

      I've just been on you're website and clocked the services you provide...... Going to call round when the really bad weather's finished and get you detail my car please.

      I've also got a couple of jobs/mods to look at, will drop by sometime for a chat

      Many thanks

    40. timmd
      Hi, I read a post recommending you for a cruise fit. I have had a cruise fitted by my local specialist and they can not get it to work. It is saying on all of the systems that it is working, but it is not! Can I give up on them and come to you? Do you do this professionally? If so could you fit a bluetooth at the same time? My car is an '04 A3 3.2 Thanks Tim 0777 186 5055
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