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    Northern Ireland car

    I'm looking at an A3 this weekend that has a JIG..... number plate and previously IIL..... reg number. These would be from NI. The car has been in the England for the last 10 months and has full audi service history. Is there anything specific that I should be aware of with it being from NI? HPI...
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    HPI check on 2.0T

    I've just run a HPI check on a car I'm going to view this weekend that is a 2006 A3 sportback 2.0TFSI Sline Spec Ed Quattro 200bhp. The check has come back with A3 SE Sline FSI Quattro. Everything else checks out. Is this just a model variation i.e., SE doesn't come with rear parking sensors...
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    Which petrol Avant - A4, A6 or S4 ?

    I need your advice please? I've currently got an A8 D3 3.tdi quattro sport as I used to do a 60mile per day commute and worked 6 days per week. I now work 3 days per week and get the train to work, the station being 4km from my house. I'm now self-employed and will be looking to get a business...
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    Thinking of getting a cheap used A8 instead of A4/A6

    Agree with the above - long trips don't get me down now. I used to get back pain previously but no more thanks to heated leather and multi-adjustable seats. My boot lock went but I got the part from audi and fixed it myself. Some of my front sensors don't work but have got some replacements so...
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    Thinking of getting a cheap used A8 instead of A4/A6

    Depends on which A8 D3 that you are going for - presuming a diesel on that mileage I've got a 3.0 tdi quattro 2005 - largest bill - £750 last week - grumbling noise from the front end on start up turned out to be the aircon pump about to explode - got the mechanic to do some other replacements...
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    I just fitted Pagid front and rear pads and discs to mine and they seem to be better than the stock Audi parts. You can get these from Eurocarparts - use discount code chill30 for 30% off
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    By better brakes do you mean uprated pads and discs or do you want to fit larger calipers and then larger different discs and pads?
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    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    AUDI 235-40/18 RONAL S4 ALLOY WHEELS | eBay
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    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    Bargain SSW wheels - Mercedes Audi 20" alloy wheels and free tyres | eBay
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    Identify this bulb please

    I went to change the front indicator bulbs for silver visions on my A8 D3 2005 yesterday and found that they weren't PY21W bulbs. I've taken a pic of the bulbs below but I can't find any info to tell me what they are any help with identifying them would be much appreciated Thanks
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    caliper paint colour!

    Go VHT automotive gloss black spray with white high temp decals I've just done one side of my A8 yesterday. Takes a bit more prep - wash calipers with detergent, wire brush cup on drill, wonder wheels via brush into harder to reach areas, wash and rinse, thorough dry with a paint stripping...
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    B6 Useful Ebay finds

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    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    TSW HOLSTEN 19 INCH ALLOY WHEELS + TYRES 215 35 19 5 x 112 + 5 x 100 AUDI VW | eBay
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    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    Genuine 19" MTM alloys For Audi And VW With Tyres! Excellent Condition! | eBay