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  • Hi mate ,
    I've recently had a remap at celtic , new refurbed turbo , manifold , pipe werx 3inch downpipe and sports cat , long story short went back for mapping on friday and they came up with an overboost fault ! I don't have vagcom and wondered if you might or have any insight into my problem . Done the usual boost leak checks etc , none found . I've also replaced the N75 , MAF and DV with 007p , i'm a bit stumped .

    Cheers Ant
    Hi Mr Tackalakalaka ,
    I'm memember living here in Truro , and could do with with some help with my 02 plate S3 ,

    Cheers , Ant
    hi mate. love the car on the rotas, how much did you pick up the set for? please let me know. cheers
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