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    RSQ3 RSQ3 remapped

    I hope your having lots of fun with your mapped RSQ3, it was my previous car that was the development car that APR used to develop the map your car uses, it gave them a few headaches but was overcome by sending the ECU to APR America for final development
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    RSQ3 Anyone gone from S3 to an RSQ3

    Im just going to add my little bit ( thats what she said..........) I went from a MK1 RS3 to a RSQ3 & i think the interior is better & more modern, yes there is a little body roll but the RS3 can't go as much off the tarmac if needed but it is by far no way a proper 4x4
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    RSQ3 Performance Intercooler?

    Is yours a mk1 or mk2/ pre FL or post FL???? there is very little of anything around at the moment as its a numbers game ( will the company get there development money back or even make a profit ) for a limited numbers on a niche car
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    Post your RS3 eBay, Classifieds and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Brand new, never fitted Scorpion secondary by-pass pipes for RS3 8P £90 + postage of £26 next day delivery OR I can deliver in Buckinghamshire for less
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    RSQ3 Secondary Bypass

    there is a very short answer to " Do the RS3 pipes fit " NO!!!!!!!! even if the part numbers are the same except for one letter
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    RSQ3 Secondary Bypass

    Has anybody done this yet??? if so where did you buy them??? off the shelf or custom made??? is the front part of the exhaust the same as the RS3???? if so are they interchangeable??? that concludes the 20 questions for today.............i've started so i'll finish
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    I'm all about that boost, 'bout that boost....... no lagging

    I'm all about that boost, 'bout that boost....... no lagging
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    ASN SE Audi dealer meet @ Tunbridge Wells Audi 2015

    was any date set for this??? or has it been abandoned???
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    ASN SE Audi dealer meets 2015 - We need your input!

    Hi, all West london Audi has been mentioned several times, there is also new un-visited dealerships like Milton Keynes & Oxford
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    Playing Video on MMI

    Fancy seeing you here
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    Q3 Folding Mirrors

    Hi, i found this info on another forum hope it helps
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    Blackvue DR550GW - Full UK Review

    I no longer have my DR550, but when did I managed to improve the quality quite a lot just by using a better micro sd-card, I ended up using a scan disk extreme pro 64gb there no cheap at £60-£65 but did the job
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    Post pics of your Q2,Q3, Q5 & Q7 in here.

    These are the photos of my RSQ3 from my photoshoot with A J Walker photography last weekend
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    Post your Q3, Q5 & Q7 eBay, classified and For Sale links here. Do not create thread

    **WANTED** Carbon inlays for the Q3 we can do a part ex for my piano black inlays or just a straight buy
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    Playing Video on MMI

    hi, i have a 14 plate Q3 with full MMI, i can play DVD movies not a problem but can't seem to get any video file to play from my iPhone through the AMi socket under the centre arm rest using the genuine Audi lightning connect is there a setting I'm missing to switch on or plainly is it not...