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    I'm so confused...... RNSE And stated above for adaptor lead.
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    I'm so confused...... RNSE

    I will check the mute wire thank you And I would totally agree about the pins missing and bose.... I have contacted an Audi tech guy that I know and he claims that there is a semi bose version of the bose system that rare and he had never seen one and to be honest I never have seen one, so I...
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    I'm so confused...... RNSE

    Tried my amp in another vehicle and it works perfectly....... Tried his amp in my car does not work...... possibly a coding issue ?
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    I'm so confused...... RNSE

    Pulled the log out of it tonight...… and there is also a beeping coming from the speakers..... it does it on power up...….. beep beep beep x3 with a short pause in between the three beeps...…. thoughts ? Sunday,24,February,2019,20:51:49:00148 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
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    I'm so confused...... RNSE

    Yes both the quad lock and the factory iso (the brown plug) both only have 4 wires No the 20 pin has RL RR and Line out GND pins in the factory loom with Tel mute, dsp radio on etc going to the respective pins...….. but all the FL FR RL RR etc are in the quad lock
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    I'm so confused...... RNSE

    The Audi Vw number is 355 013 01s any ideas guys ?
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    I'm so confused...... RNSE

    Yes that is how I understood it even with previous A4's that I have had but this is definitely a Bose amp and sub and I have got the amp in the house now taking it to bits..... all of the iso plugs were plugged in the back of the symphony 2 and on the iso speaker plug only the middle 4 group...
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    I'm so confused...... RNSE

    Hi Everyone, I am totally lost on this one ! So I have a 2005 A4 avant Sline B7 with a bose amp but front speakers are head unit powered, it was fitted with a symphony 2 not the plus version so it has ISO stereo wiring and all was fine before fitting the RNSE. Changed symphony 2 for RNSE which...
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    Clattering Noise!

    Its possible that it could be pas pump .... or AC pump but possibly more than likely its your oap there really common for going. Regards
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    Audi A3 Air Duct Sensor Location & VCDS G89 Sensor reading -50 degrees

    I have the same issue wandering if anyone has any input ? Regards
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    Flashing glow plug light and no accellerator!!

    thats correct 3 cap head bolts bout half hour job with a bit of cleaning the only downside is the other 2 pedals look s**t next to the shine new 1 !!!!!!!
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    Flashing glow plug light and no accellerator!!

    not thread jacking but i have the same happen today, no moisture wiring looks ok, etc i have contacted ross-tech so i will post reply. i had these faults....... Address 01: Engine Labels: 038-906-019-AVF.lbl Part No: 038 906 019 LJ Component: 1,9l R4 EDC 0000SG 4910 Coding...
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    c5 rs6 brakes......

    Hi all has anyone done this brake conversion front and rear yet ? be interesting to see if they will fit ?? regards.
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    EGR Blanking....

    same here blanked mine with a forge one light been on for 6 months now 03 130 tdi b6.
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    another avant :yes: