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    What next?

    Mine will be 3 years old in September, I’m thinking of changing it in the next couple of months to avoid the 3 year service, MOT and it’ll need new tyres as well. At the moment I think an E Class is top of the shortlist.
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    40tdi fuel economy.

    I’ve done 800 miles in the past week, majority on the motorway, filled up today so worked out the economy to be just under 60 mpg. Got 730 miles out of this tank with an indicated 50 mile range left.
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    Lane Assist

    Mine doesn’t like cyclists, it’s tried to run a few off the road when I’ve tried to cross the white line to get past them!
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    Starter / Alternator recall

    They also tried to sell me a ‘deal’, next 2 services for only £500, I laughed and told them hopefully I won’t be as unfortunate to own it when the next service is due in 10000 miles let alone 2!
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    Starter / Alternator recall

    Work was done yesterday so hopefully the car won’t now go up in flames. They said they’ve done a software update to rectify a few issues and the gearbox seems more responsive when setting off.
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    System doesn't load

    Am I right in thinking holding down the power / volume button for 10 seconds resets the MMI? Worth a try before disconnecting the battery?
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    40tdi fuel economy.

    Check your tyre pressures, mine were really low when I picked it up, I had to put at least 5 psi in each. My 40 tdi has averaged just under 50 mpg in the 2 years I’ve had it. But I agree with the previous post, the cold weather affects economy
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    Starter / Alternator recall

    Mines a diesel. It was in getting the AC fixed in August, you’d think they’d do it then. begs the question though, if they’ve known about this for over 6 months why are they now saying don’t park the car in a multi storey car park!
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    Starter / Alternator recall

    Anyone else had this letter through? I’m considering not booking it in and hoping the car goes up in flames (I have gap insurance) to ensure any future owners aren’t as disappointed as I am with the car.
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    Rejecting a car before 6 months - any advice

    I’m the same, sick of the rattles and error messages. I’m looking at changing it for a 330i or 330d in the next few months. I’m the same as you, had Audis for the past 15 years but this is my last.
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    Keyfob Battery Change

    I used the key like it said in the manual, it was awkward and it’s damaged the plastic.
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    A6 - Air tightness/air trap door closure effect

    I’ve never had a car where the kids consistently don’t close the doors right so they need a re-slam
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    A6 lot of error

    Mine had the software update a few months ago, since then it’s been fine, until tonight... stopped the car, got in a minute later and restarted it, cue the ‘pre sense failure’, ‘adaptive light failure’... Issue unresolved.
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    Adblue potential lock-out

    Chap that I used to work with stopped his A6 at our site gate to check in, when he tried to restart the car it just turned over and wouldn’t start. It turned out he’d gone past the limit for the Adblue so he dropped 10l in and it restarted.
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    A6 lot of error

    The latest one with my ****** car is that it locks the doors 4 or 5 times after you set off. I’m going to look to change it for something else in the new year, I’m sick of all these faults.