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    Akrapovic Exhaust Audi S4 B9

    As you say Akraprovic don't make an exhaust for the s4, so my guess is its a custom exhaust with some replica Akraprovic tips welded on as Akraprovic also don't sell just the tips
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    Milltek Non-Res S4

    Do not remove the res and put an x pipe in, I did it and lasted 3 days before getting it put back in, sounded absolutely awful
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    S4 U060B fault code

    Can't help I'm afraid, after the road tech cleared it nothing could be found and it never re appeared
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    S4 B9 exhaust valves

    Nope, can just lie down and pop them off, I cut a couple of fingers off a rubber glove and slid them in there and cable tied them
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    Servicing at franchised dealer

    Also don't forget audi will price match a quote if you want to carry on using audi
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    Servicing at franchised dealer

    Nope, can be serviced anywhere so long as oem equivalent parts are used and they are vat registered
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    S4 side skirts removal

    As above really how are the sideskirts removed from a B9 S4 saloon? Are they just held on with double-sided tape or are they clipped on somewhere Aswell?
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    Google earth not loading

    Or take it to audi and get the update
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    40 TFSI 6k miles review

    Leasing out of warrenty always seems an odd idea to me, unless you've got extended warrenty of course
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    Thoughts on S4 B9 Petrol Replacements?

    Tony Lewis he's on the BMW forums, just Google it he'll come straight up
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    Thoughts on S4 B9 Petrol Replacements?

    As said try an m340i, check out trl deals for the best price for bmw, I've gone an even stranger way and ordered a polestar 2 to replace my s4
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    2020 Tyre Dilemma 245/35 r19

    They don't seem to rate to highly from what I can see, compared to somethong like the ps4, just seem to have slightly better wear
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    JB4 for Audi S4 B9

    I run a dtuk box on my s4 and love it, made a huge difference, obviously not as much as a map but the difference is night and day
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    B9 tuning options

    There's no way they make 400bhp on super unleaded standard! Standard form my s4 is no quicker than my old 290 cupra, different story now I've got a dtuk box fitted
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    B9 S4 (Petrol) to ‘similar’ spec B9 RS4....worth the spend ?

    Agreed, you only wouldn't have an RS4 over an S4 because you couldn't afford it