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    Well done on the new job!
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    S3 or R32?

    Jo, As your a bird( ) I think that the car for you is a Mini Cooper S. They llok the dogs danglies, loads of tuning out there and you can have awesome kit inside such as the cinema etc. etc. I chap I know has a brand new Range rover, a Mercedes S 600 complete with driver and a Mini Cooper S...
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    If you right to the pub they have to by law (data protection act) give you any fottage in which you or your car appear. They are allow to charge a norminal fee, so get and catch the feckers!!
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    Possible New Group Buy - Look!

    Lees3, Morpheous don't make a 'garage door opener ' but they do everything else. GPS detectors both simple and very comprehensive they have also had rave reviews when tested. They do ahve the option of radar dectector kits. The buy will cover anything on the site, be it an upgrade or a whole...
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    Possible New Group Buy - Look!

    Right, A few months back I tried to organise a group buy on Morpheous range of products, the supplier let me down and various other things meant it went a bit pete tong! Anyway, I now have a contact direct at Morpheous who make all the products and they are prepared to deal with us and give...
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    Sorry to hear this
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    Help with fitting neons

    The funniest post since the David Mann saga!
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    New SPECS sites (Notts)

    Well said Moff, In the last week there have been three crashes on the A52. two which closed the road completely and one which just caused delays. All of these crashes were well OUTSIDE the proposed SPECS area and on the single lane stretches where it is not suitable to overtake. how many...
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    New SPECS sites (Notts)

    [ QUOTE ] excursion said: Sounds good, what I really want though is to mash up a few cameras [/ QUOTE ]
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    AMD win award

    Well done AmD, however they obviosuly didn't meet AmD's marketing man
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    Blanking number plates in pics

    The main reason is for cloning purposes. People who ring cars or wish to avoid speeding tickets/ parking fines etc. They get a set of matching plates made and then when they go through the congestion charge zone, speed camera etc. you get the damn ticket! However they don't just pick numbers...
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    Car Change...Again!

    If I do buy anything it will be around February and I think it will be a Westfield as they are almost the same as the Caterham and are considerably cheaper!!! Duncan's project is just that...the thing has lived in the garage since he bought it and whenever I see, he has taken more bits OFF than...
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    Whats your IQ?

    Slighty tired and hungover but still managed a score of (drum roll please!) 132 Quite good I think, but then again I prefer the tests that flash up at the end: [ QUOTE ] if you high a high Iq you wouldn't be wasting time on this test! [/ QUOTE ]
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    What do I do now?

    [ QUOTE ] gtdog said: Also if I turn up in a Range Rover 4.6 the customers will think they are paying me too much! [/ QUOTE ] They do!
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    Photo Gallery!

    Still plenty of room there and my are nearly ready to be uploaded.....Come ON GUYS!