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    Wheel fitment from 17's to 18's

    They can't both be 40 profile as that affect the speedo with the increased diameter, normally if you had a 45 profile and went up an 1" in diameter then the profile would drop to 40 ?
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    Miltek from SCC in St Albans
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    Honey Combe grill numbers

    Mine is all black also so Im working on getting that silver part done black.
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    Honey Combe grill numbers

    S1 group on FB.....:)
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    Folding mirrors on alarm set

    I recently had some work done on my VW transporter and the guy had a VCDS machine so asked him to set my mirrors to fold on alarm set on the S1 but it threw an error code up saying inaccessible ?, I do have folding mirrors btw.
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    S1 milltek cat back

    Love mine, noise/drone is a difficult thing to describe but not a prob for me, get the black tips as they blend into the diffuser.
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    Gloss/Matt or Carbon black Audi Rings for S1

    Raywell design was where I got mine but no more I believe
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    Magnum's S1

    The dealer normally sends a little walk round video to you before delivery.
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    Post Pics Of Your S1's In Here

    What wheels are they ?
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    Abt price decrease

    Yes he is, so a genuine new part
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    Abt price decrease

    This is a brand new MTM, not second hand
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    Abt price decrease

    Alex from MTM is selling a brand new kit and map for £700, it is a one off deal if anyone is interested on the FB S1 owners group page.
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    Am i in my rights to ask for a new ordered car

    The trouble is they will fix it and this will leave you in a very weak position no matter how much they have taken the car apart but its always going to be in the back of your mind and thats the problem. You might be better off getting something out of them rather than going down the rejection...
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    Post Pics Of Your S1's In Here

    Ahhh, makes sense now, cool
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    Post Pics Of Your S1's In Here

    I'm intrigued as to why you have the silver-grey trim around the grill and rear diffuser yet have the black pack grill also the side vent trims are black on both cars ?